School Workshop Promotions & Discounts

STEM and G&T workshops add genuine value to the curriculum at any time of year but it is always a good feeling to know you grabbed a bargain!  So, we offer a range of school workshop promotions and discounts throughout the year - to help as many students participate as possible.  The best news is that we will automatically apply the best promotion available to any booking you choose to make.  Please have a look at the options currently available and if you have any questions you can use our Contact Us form or call us on 01603 520866. 

Save 20% on CSI Workshops:

Host CSI workshops to include up to 200 pupils a day.

If you want to include a large number of pupils in one day in a thrilling CSI event, these workshops allow you to.

The repeat 2-hour workshop allows for up to 100 pupils per session (200 pupils/day).

Discounted Cost:

Two Half-Days from £995 +VAT 

Available 1st - 28th February 2018