Introduce up to 60 pupils a day to in-depth STEM experiences

If you are looking for deeper learning opportunities and can allow more time than a single lesson per group, our Double Sessions may be just what you are looking for. They enable more pupils to participate than a Full-Day Session but in more complex activities than our Single-Sessions. Each one is designed to combine practical activities that complement one another perfectly.

Lasting a between 120 and 150 minutes (adapted to fit within your day with minimal disruption) we have the time to develop a broader range of skills to a greater depth - within a more complex scenario that really gets their imaginations going!

The session is delivered two times within the school day and can include up to 30 pupils each time.  We can adapt the difficulty level, allowing your GAT students an opportunity to be truly challenged in one session and mixed ability groups to still benefit from the experience in another.


  • AU - from $25 per student (based on maximum uptake = $1500/day)


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Space Pioneers - STEM Workshop for Schools
Blood Pool - CSI STEM Workshop for Schools
The Pandemic - STEM Workshop
Body in the Box - CSI STEM Workshop for Schools

Check the content and difficulty level

Use the tables below to compare the different events.

Double STEM & GAT Sessions - Repeated 2x Per Day

Key: Level 1 = Moderate, Level 2 = High, Level 3 = Very High, Sci = Science Focus (e.g B1 = Moderate Biology, P2 = High Physics, C3 = Very High Chemistry)
Tech = Technology, Eng = Engineering, Math = Mathematics, Skills = Range of HOT Skills Used

Event Name Type Yr(s) Time (min) Difficulty Pupils/day Sci Tech Eng Math Skills
Space Pioneers 2x Double 5-12 120-140 2 60 P1/C2 1 2 - 2
Go Engineering 2x Double 5-12 120-140 2 60 P1 - 3 1 2
The Pandemic 2x Double 7-12 120-140 2 60 B3 2 - 1 2
CSI-Blood Pool 2x Double 7-12 120-140 2 60 B3 2 - 1 2
Body in the Box 2x Double 7-12 120-140 3 60 B2/C1 2 - 2 2

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Early Bird Discount

Book Workshops Before 15 June To Receive A $200 Discount

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