Student Comments

We ask participants to evaluate the event

We ask:

  • What do you think about the event?
  • What was good about it?
  • How would you improve it?

A snapshot of recent comments are below:


  • I’ve enjoyed everything about this event. The practicals and experiments were staggering and very exhilarating. I really liked the tasks such as the DNA Analysis and fingerprints. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this and helped increase our thinking skills and teamwork.

Ryayan Ferozedean, Yr 9, Ernest Bevin High School


  • It was amazing! It has made me want to be a scientist! I think you don’t need to improve, it is awesome the way it was. I want to do it again!

Ellie Bullivant, Yr 6, Washingborough Academy


  • Good, fun, exciting. Makes you go on the edge of your seat. I would do it again. Such an adrenalin rush.

Megan Valentine, Yr 8, Brinsworth Comprehensive High School


  • This event has been brilliant, I am really inspired to put 100% effort into everything, to learn big. I loved the team work and great activities that I would never do if I was not chosen. I would have liked the event to be longer, the fun should go on. I want to do the event more often.

Nicole Stockton, Yr 9, Saddleworth High School


  • I love this! The brilliant things about it are: you learn a lot in a very fun way. Loads of brilliant and fun practicals. Freedom of creation is allowed through science. The leaders are so friendly and they help you loads! I don’t think that they could improve as they have set the bar so high!

Jono Price, Yr 8, The Crypt Grammar School


  • Today was so fun. I had a great time and learnt a lot, it was way better than lessons. I really loved learning in a fun way. I wish we could do it everyday. It gave you real life skills!!!

Olivia Nunney, Yr 7, Waldegrave School for Girls


  • I thought that this was an incredibly enjoyable day as there was a fabulous variety of activities that proved both enjoyable and beneficial. I also enjoyed the problem solving element and also being given a real life scenario to work within.

Cameron Seyers, Yr 10, The Crypt Grammar School


  • I loved it! I learnt more in 2 days than I have in a whole year. Great, couldn’t be better!

Charlie Ryan, Yr 10, Hatchend High School


  • This event was absolutely amazing!  I learnt invaluable skills and whilst doing that I learnt so much about myself.  Matt (the presenter) was also amazing, such a good host who was always willing to help.  Kim (the co presenter) was also so helpful and efficient.  The technology was also so impressive and the organisation in this programme is immaculate.  I just want to say thank you so much, this was an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad I was able to take part.  Perfection.  Every evening my mind was ticking away, and I was so excited for the next day.  Thank you!

Teereth Bahra, Yr 10, Slough Grammar School


  • I really enjoyed the day, it was really fun, interesting and interactive. I really enjoy science and this has been great for me. I recommend this to other schools. It has inspired me to get involved in science and engineering.

Hannah Crowther, Yr9, Stockley Academy


  • This has been the best thinking skills day we have had and I have done it for 3 years.

Niamh Greene, Yr9, St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School


  • I love science anyway but this opened my mind to the way I think, the way I act and work.  It is a chance I have enjoyed every part of.  I loved every tricky mind blowing moment.  Thanks!

Abbie Carney, Yr 8, Fairfield High School for Girls


  • It allowed us to use our techniques and skills that allowed us to work together and solve problems.  I liked working and sharing ideas and new skills were learnt.  This was fun as it allowed us to challenge yourself.

Reanne Stanley, Yr 12, Sydenham School


  • Best thing I have ever done.  Made loads of new friends.  Wouldn’t change a thing.  Great experiments.

Aaron Wickens, Yr 5, Slough Primary School


  • I really enjoyed it, I learnt loads of new things, and it has inspired me in science.  The quizzes were really fun, and the practical was amazing.  There isn’t anyway that it could be better.

Rebekah Fox, Yr 8, Walton Girls School


  • We had to be really enterprising and innovative.  We learnt a lot but it was made fun and put science to a new level.  We didn’t do the same thing, each challenge involved different aspects e.g are challenge was creating and another was experimenting.

Aatika Adam, Yr 9, City of Leicester College


  • I enjoyed all parts of the event!  Qwizdom is a brilliant way to get involved and the rush for points really helped us to work in a team.  I learnt tons of new things and it was the best school event I have had!  A definite event to recommend to others.

Will Price, Yr 10, The Crypt School