What does the free Student Membership offer?

Quite simply, parents and year 8+ students commonly ask, following our event days (summer school events in particular), what activities they can do at home that are similar in nature to those carried out during our events. The membership scheme is a way to provide those activities.

All participants of an event are given a free membership on the day. All students of a school that has joined the ‘Thinkers in Education’ programme as a member are also eligible. Details of how to activate their free membership are sent to the applying teacher when the school joins.

The membership is available to all pupils – regardless of age or ability level. TheThinkSomeMoreStore is a portal aimed at helping parents to promote their son’s/daughter’s thinking skills in a wide range of areas – by making available an exciting range of products that we have tested during events and workshops.

These range from home science to creativity projects and strategy board games to fascinating gadgets.

Our featured member’s products are selected because of the challenging and stimulating nature of the items, the additional activity sheets we have designed to support the products or the online challenges that can be completed with the item.

Our online quizzes and league tables are developing rapidly and the first are already available for members to play. Many of these require members to conduct research for themselves if they are to do well and feature high up in the league tables – and do not require them to buy any products.

However, any member that has completed one of our event days will have the benefits of having carried out the research required!