Improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school

Of course there are many different ways of improving teaching and learning, and everyone has their favourites….

One approach, that could be considered a frontrunner as the most cost effective, is the investment made in hosting highly focussed activity days. These combine the thrill of a school trip for students and as much, if not greater, insight as a training day for teachers – whilst gaining support (and often funding) from parents.

A successful event delivers immediate motivational experiences, enhanced curriculum content and long-term development strategies. Teachers are given the valuable opportunity to observe a wide range of effective techniques and latest resources in action with the pupils they teach – whether it be a high impact G&T event or a wide ranging Enterprise day.

However, there is a problem in that numerous companies offer ‘activity days’ that prove to be ultimately disappointing. They are often delivered by supply teachers, post-graduates or people with little experience in teaching. As a result, they offer reduced educational benefit.

Obviously, the trick is to be aware of those providers offering outstanding events delivered by expert educational practitioners. Unfortunately, event review sites offer less insight than anticipated. Instead, it can often revert back to recommendation by word of mouth.

This could be one of the reasons we have built up such a good reputation as an event provider. We do not advertise widely and plough the money we make from events back into the events. It shows. It is most probably the reason we have been recommended by 100% of host schools since 2001.  That along with the fact that the presenters you work with will have had input into the design of the events they deliver.  So it is personal to them and we take great pride in our work.

We are a small enough company to still be a highly specialist group of ex-teachers/G&T coordinators.  We have teams based, or able to travel, throughout the UK to deliver the events we have taken considerable time to develop and perfect.   We all want to ensure the event offers the best possible teaching and learning experience – to a level that cannot be reached within the normal constraints of teaching.

With this in mind, introducing our event programmes to your school could well help with your planning for the year ahead, save you considerable time and genuinely have a massively positive impact on teaching and learning.