Why Teacher Observation Is So Invaluable

Our approach demonstrates how to identify, develop and assess students’ understanding and skill sets – effectively and efficiently.

Every event introduces time-effective, exciting and emotive learning techniques that can be applied to individual lessons and planning for whole-school strategies. 

Observers of our events will see how to:

  1. Maximise student engagement by teaching within exciting scenarios that require pupils to synthesize existing and new knowledge to progress.
  2. Structure learning to be a series of problem solving activities – enabling learners to ‘discover’ concepts rather than learn by rote.
  3. Modulate pace to excite the learner – within lessons and schemes of work – using music, timed challenges and competition.
  4. Design effective teamwork challenges that require students to improve self-motivation and develop communication skills through peer learning.
  5. Develop skills for the workplace by encouraging pupils to manage people, money and time in competitive ‘real-life’ challenges in which every action, decision and result has a consequence.
  6. Improve questioning techniques and use of voting systems to engage, challenge and assess every student instantly – in order to design a development plan for each individual.
  7. Promote the involvement of parents and families in a student’s education outside of the classroom.