The Space Adventure – Event Reviews


 Washingborough Academy – Lincoln

    • Such an excellent and exciting day! The children have clearly loved it and learnt a lot!  The resources were fantastic, something really different for the children to work with.
    • The presenter was very engaging! The children were totally enthralled! Thank you!

Emily Broadley – Teacher

John Keble CE Primary School – London

    • All children thoroughly enjoyed the event and were engaged the whole day.
    • Resources helped to support activities and the presenter was very good. All children very attentive. He had respect of all the children, they wanted to listen to him. Lovely day. Thank you.

Laura Derlacki – Class Teacher

Cranford Park School – Middlesex

    • Very motivating presenter.  He was encouraging and didn’t patronise the children. Extremely motivating throughout the day.
    • Dynamic, enthusiastic and immediately got children interested. Context was relevant and purposeful. Excellent organisation made pace fantastic.
    • Gave all the opportunity to succeed as they could choose where they felt most skilled. Tasks were varied.
    • An amazing day, which the children (and myself) thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you very much.

Lisa Lester – Organising Teacher 

Brooke Weston Academy – Kettering

    • Fantastic resources. Excellent, clear delivery and entertaining. This is the 3rd consecutive year Brooke Weston has taken part in this event. We are delighted as ever.

Christine Shield – Organising Science Teacher 

Shirebrook Academy – Doncaster

    • Event: Completely engaging for all students – they totally loved it!
    • Resources: Superb quality of resources.
    • Presenter: Spot on – the feedback from our students was outstanding.
    • A superb day – completely relevant to our students, really develops higher level thinking skills.

Alison Brannick – Vice Principal 

St Bernadette Catholic School – Hounslow

    • Loved the electronic voting system – what a fantastic way of assessing knowledge.
    • Excellent presentation that engaged the children and motivated them. Encouraged them to work as a team.
    • Brilliant day, really good to see children so engaged and motivated in their learning. Thank you!

Linda Varley – Science Subject Leader 

Prior’s Field School – Surrey

    • Event: The girls were fully engaged for the entire time. Organisation was brilliant which meant no dead time. Very enjoyable!
    • Resources: Using micro-equipment and multi-answer handsets was new to the girls. They responded very positively to these aspects.
    • Presenter: Very clear presentation. Lots of encouragement and responded well to the needs of the girls.
    • The wide range of ages and abilities were well catered for.

Dr McDonald Smith, Head of Chemistry 

East Bergholt High School – Essex

    • Extremely organised. Chemistry practical was very useful to test their knowledge. Delivered a brilliant day – excellent with pupils.

Kirstie Moore – Science Teacher 

Kettering Science Academy – Kettering

    • All students engaged, stretched & challenged.
    • Excellent resources & very well managed, with no time wasted for giving out/ tidying away.
    • Presenter – enthusiastic & engaging.  He also recognised the high ability of students in the group & he adapted the activities & questions to extend them appropriately.
    • This was an excellent learning opportunity, as well as being great fun! Thank you.

Louise Oliver – Science Specialist Project Manager 

Bishop Stopford CofE School – Kettering

    • Excellent pace ensured all students were fully engaged at all times.
    • It was great to be able to observe. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, it was such a good idea and engaged the students massively.

Victoria Taylor – G&T Lead Teacher 

Oakwood Technology College – London

    • A brilliant day for the students – they really enjoyed it! (and so did I!) Good pace – appropriate challenge and excellent management of pupils and the music cues were brill!

Faye O’Callaghan – Science Teacher 

Poole High School – Dorset

    • Event: Brilliant use of technology to motivate and include. Good range of activities allowing a range of skills to shine/develop. Sharp delivery.
    • Resources: Very well resourced. You’ve thought of so much!
    • Presenter: Very detailed in knowledge which led to very effective delivery.
    • Thanks for everything from this event and the ‘input’ over lunch! Very interesting and given me much food for thought.

Tom Penny – More Able Student Coordinator 

 Cordeaux School – Louth

    • Event: All pupils were engaged, on task and remained motivated at all times.
    • Resources: Fantastic range, focused on creativity with new/ different equipment.
    • Presenter: Very good, positive, energetic and communicated well to the pupils. A
    • A fantastic day!!

James Brook – Teacher 

Billericay School – Essex

    • Event: Fantastic engagement and a well structured event that had a wide range of abilities all playing their part.
    • Resources: Good resources that were well constructed and handled.
    • Presenter: Full of excitement and very enthusiastic keeping the pupils thoroughly entertained.

Andrew Moore – Science Teacher