Survival Horror

Bunkered – Crisis Management for Strategic Thinkers in STEM

Some of the most emotive, dramatic and exciting movies are disaster movies!  It is the way to imagine the crisis situations faced in our event.

Arguably the most challenging of all our event programmes – Bunkered combines creative, critical and strategic thinking with science, maths, technology and citizenship.

An asteroid, as monitored by the real-life NEO programme, is hurtling toward Earth!  Our governments need to take action and plan to try to save lives, but what factors will influence their decisions about who to save and how to do it?

Teams of students represent different countries solving these problems.  They will need to finance and design the bunkers that will bury the most valued members of society in a bid to keep them alive.  They will analyse the value of each life, in terms of skill sets, age, gender and genetics in order to populate the bunkers.  Then, they face the practical challenges as they represent these people in their struggle to survive when the asteroid hits!

Bunkered is an event for students in Year 8 – 13.  It demonstrates how successfully STEM subjects can be combined with Citizenship.


Type of Event: 1-Day G&T or STEM Event
Recommended Age Range: Yr8 - Yr13
Difficulty Rating: Very High
Subject Focus: Citizenship, Science, Technology & Maths
Maximum number of participants: 32
Duration: 4.5-5 Hours / day (adapted to fit school timings)

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Typical 1-Day Content:

Delivered in addition to ice-breakers & team-building activities

  • Bunker Design & Location
  • Modelling An Asteroid Impact
  • DNA Extraction & Analysis
  • Generator Reconstruction
  • Electronic Sensors

Spectacular Saturday Workshop

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Additional Activities Delivered in 2-5 Day Events:

Coming Soon

• Headline News • Simulated Diabetes Testing • Simulated ELISA Testing • Genetic Disease Screening • The Genetics of Blood • Investigating the Effects of Drugs • Plant Cell Culture • Food From Thought • How Clean is Bunker Air? • Caring For The New Born • Emergency First Aid • Water Tank Repairs • Chromogenic Analysis of Bunker Water

Please Note: These activities are typically included in 5-Day events. Events of 2,3 & 4 day duration will include a selection of the above

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