Teacher Testimonials

St Paul's Girls School - London

"Thinkers in Education did a fantastic job! The structure and demand of the activities was motivating and accessible but also had challenge. Year 10 in their end of term/summer holidays can be really challenging to keep going but they loved it. The science was perfectly linked to GCSE and they will have learned loads without realising it. All instructions were crystal clear and well paced practical activities well supported by theory and application. Really impressive organisation and design of the activities and resources. The mix of team vs individual achievement celebration was fantastic. You could really see confidence and leadership skills grow over the week. I'm sure it will boost them in Yr11 and give them much inspiration for future study and careers. There's nothing we could suggest to improve the experience and we will definitely be rebooking." E Payler – Head of Science

Saint Augustine's Catholic High School - Redditch

“A superb day for our Year 12 students. The presenter was friendly, knowledgeable, engaging and immersed the students in the world of forensic science. Throughout the day students carried out fingerprinting, DNA electrophoresis, analysis of suspects and learnt new ways to approach difficult talks, being encouraged to use critical thinking and teamwork. The resources were amazing and with the restrictions because of Covid, the resources were cleaned constantly which gave reassurance. We were hoping this would be a great experience for our students and the event exceeded our expectations. We will be making this an annual event." C Taman – Consortium Lead Law & Public Services

The Magna Carta School - Staines

"As always the resources, presentation and practical tasks provided for our students during the workshop were outstanding. TIE has made it possible for students to complete their experiments and still use specialist equipment in spite of COVID. TIE adapted their workshop to meet our school’s COVID restrictions. The workshops were as engaging as ever. After a year of disruption it has been fantastic to be able to run such a stimulating event. Everything was so well organised and delivered fantastically." J Macaree – Progress Lead

Francis Holland School - London

“It was a truly excellent day. The presenter and his team engaged the girls’ right from the start and they remained fully absorbed until the end of the day. The resources used were first class and undoubtedly contributed to the quality of the event. The use of a microphone and music whilst the tasks were underway was inspirational. It was ‘hands on’, interactive, thought-provoking and very competitive, all of which were critical ingredients in the success of the event. As a teacher what struck me was how well the girls responded to a problem solving approach which required them to think for themselves, plan, analyse and work as a team. As a profession we must adopt such methods to a greater extent in the classroom." Paul Tiley – Acting Head of Science

Queen’s College - Taunton

"Outstanding week. Our students were fully engaged with the CSI course offered by TIE. The course was dynamic, competitive and informative. The breadth and variety of study areas was impressive. The presenters were amazing. Totally organised." Jan de Caux - Events Manager

Rothesay Academy - Isle of Bute

“Students on the day were fully engaged. Content was clearly accessible to them, they were encouraged to work as teams which was one of our goals and the whole competitive element seemed to really engage the students from P7 to the S2. Staff commented on how engaged the pupils were when problem-solving. Staff found the theme/content very stimulating for pupils (and themselves!) As STEM co-ordinator – this workshop delivered all the skills I wanted students to experience – creativity, teamwork, problem solving, working to a deadline – just amazing!" F Samuel – STEM Co-ordinator

Brunel University - Uxbridge

"I am extremely impressed with the educational programme and particularly how effective the activities are in engaging pupils. The events work to excite and stimulate pupils who seem to also be having a huge amount of fun. Matt is super engaging and the pupils respond to his clear instructions and hugely supportive facilitators. The themes and topics are super interesting and creative. Overall a brilliant programme." Antoine Rogers – Senior Coordinator & Engagement Officer

Rosedale College - Hayes

“This experience was phenomenal. This is what I believe the classroom of the 20th century should be like. Very interactive, with breaks at the correct time. It was fabulous. Thanks a million. More students should be exposed to this. I will do this again, probably daily. It was great." V Spencer – Science Teacher

Higham Lane Secondary School - Nuneaton

"Our students have had an amazing experience. Extremely organised activities that got students interested & excited about science. High quality resources and a lead presenter that kept the students focused throughout the day. I must also say the co-presenters working in the background keep the whole thing running smoothly. We would definitely recommend this workshop to other schools and we will be using Thinkers in Education again." E Huxley, Head of Science

Bishop’s Hatfield Girl’s School - Hatfield

“We are amazed at how engaged our year 9 girls have been – all day. The presenter was totally in control and kept all the students attention all the time. The resources were excellent & the team were on time with every activity & really well organised. The whole day has been an amazing experience for year 9 and we will definitely book again next year. Superb from the beginning to the end." Dr A Bune – Head of Yr 8 & 9 Science

Haberdashers' Aske's School For Girls - Borehamwood

"This CSI themed day for year 10 was a superb event. The girls were completely engrossed all day. The presenting style and activities were engaging and pitched at exactly the right level of challenge. During the day form tutors reported overwhelmingly positive feedback from pupils. We even had an email from a parent at lunchtime about their daughter's enjoyment of the first half the day. We will definitely be booking this again." Nicola Percy, Director of STEM

Thomas’s London Day School - Battersea

“Our students took part in 2 events – CSI: Dead on Time & Killer Coaster. Both events were amazing. All of the children who took part said how much they enjoyed it – without exception. The team delivering the course were slick & professional, and treated the children as young adults, which they appreciated. The children developed a number of skills over the 2 days – thinking skills, team-work, creativity + accountability for the decisions they made both individually & as a team. I wouldn’t hesitate to use TIE again and I am already planning to use them as part of our science week next year.” Sean Roberts – Head of Science

Perins School - Hampshire

“Absolutely fantastic! Brilliant! Amazing! It was really fantastic that the pupils are able to do real-life investigations using techniques and skills that they would not be able to experience within the normal curriculum. It was challenging for our pupils and they were stretched at all points during the 3 days. They were totally engaged and inspired by the event. I would fully recommend it to any school looking to challenge their pupils. The resources and time spent preparing for the event and the intricacy of the CSI investigation is outstanding. Just incredible – please come back next year!! Thank you!” Kathryn Key – Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator

The Ferrers School - Northamptonshire

“The second year of using TIE and I cannot wait to book them again. Organised, outstanding delivery, great workshops which students love. Totally engaging and challenging. From initial enquiry to the day of delivery Thinkers in Education are a totally professional outfit. I cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you!” Kerry York – Assistant Headteacher

Tollgate School - East Sussex

“This has been a fantastic; the children were hooked from start to finish. There was a great range of hands-on experience, thinking, analysing, and teamwork. It was good to see the children working positively with strangers, and coming up with the results. Some activities were challenging, but that was great too, as it kept all of us (staff as well) concentrating right to the end. Timing was also well planned.” Stephanie Huxley – Tutor – Tollgate School

Brunel University - WP Mixed School Events - Uxbridge

“Thinkers in Education have consistently provided a first class learning experience for the students. Their ability to keep pace with curriculum changes and adapt activities to reach a wide range of needs is commendable. Many of the students I work with are at risk of dropping out of school showing signs of disengagement quite early on in their secondary education. The inclusive style of TiE’s delivery has always managed to stretch and challenge a wide range of academic abilities; there is something for everyone. The relaxed and professional environment that is created is conducive to effective teaching and learning. When you worked with the best why work with the rest!” Dr Beverley Crooks SFHEA - Widening Participation Officer

Darrick Wood School - Bromley

“What an amazing event – best day I’ve ever attended. It was supremely well planned, resourced and delivered. The science was outside of what they would normally get to do and was very well explained and pushed our most able. The delivery was well suited to the pupils. Excellent resources – equipment was easy to use but stretching and would not be available to them – some only at A-level – so a great opportunity for them. The presenter was amazing – great delivery and excellent with pupils – pace was just right. The pupils are in awe of him!” Natalie Love – Science Teacher

The Priory School – Birmingham

“A huge thanks for such a wonderful day in creating the enthusiasm of our youngsters in a subject of a very important scientific interest in which everyone felt that pupils were given something that they will never forget in the area of Forensic Science. I personally was impressed by the quality of your organisation, time keeping and speed to complete each session. Simply 'I loved the intensity'. It helped to constantly engage each pupil on the task. We are very grateful for the thinking skills report as it is going very useful to our effort in raising the standard involving pupils’ independence in their learning.“ Aman Seloman - Head of MIST Faculty

Goldington Academy - Bedford

“A thoroughly enjoyable set of STEM enrichment events that were professionally delivered, well organised and engaging for all involved. It was a stress-free, quick paced and incorporated a range of exciting activities to participate in. Thank you for providing a fantastic opportunity for our pupils, we would definitely be keen to use you again for any future events!” Amy Spencer – Head of Science

St Mary’s Bentworth CE Primary School - Alton

“Brilliant! All the children were so engaged in every challenge, and had such a great experience. Such a fab opportunity to experience/try out new skills that they would otherwise not have the chance to. We had great fun too! Thank you! Superb presentation!” Lucie Moore – Year 6 Teacher

Watford Girls Grammar School - Hertfordshire

“Superb organisation – everything so well thought out and prepared. Great event for this particular group – mixed ability group who do not normally get to attend such events. They thoroughly enjoyed it and remained engaged throughout. The resources were all different to those generally used in school. The presenter gave lots of praise, which really encouraged the group – they are often eclipsed by brighter more confident students.” Dr Sarah Grinham.

Swakeleys School - Uxbridge

“Absolutely fantastic! So well organised; seamless transitions from one activity to the next; lively/enthusiastic presenter; highly challenging, interesting content; students engaged and enjoying themselves. A brilliant way to learn! Also amazed how this ‘Dead on Time’ changes every year and how well it is thought out, planned and delivered." Christelle Charbonnier – Head of French/WP Coordinator

New Hall School - Chelmsford

“An excellent day. The organisation was excellent. The students were very involved and engaged. Matt is an excellent presenter who managed to engage even the most reluctant students. I would definitely book again.” Caroline Jones - Acting Head of Science

University of Hertfordshire - Outreach

“Once again a superb session delivered by Thinkers in Education! They did very well to bring together a group of mixed age and ability on top of which, the young people did not all know each other. Despite this, the style of the day as well as the activities and delivery meant that each young person was engaged, got involved and worked together as a team to solve the mystery. Simple logistics to organise for us and thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike!” Naomi Austin – Senior Outreach Officer