Include up to 180 pupils per day

The moments of lift-off and landing are the most dangerous in any space mission - and form the exciting context for our electronic sensors workshops. Students will learn how to build prototype circuits using an electronic breadboard and a wide range of components rarely used outside of GCSE electronics or A'Level physics. Working in pairs within a team they must to design and construct sensors to improve safety on a spacecraft - and work out how to fix the problems when they occur. To do so requires great teamwork and leadership. But to win the space race, teams will go head-to-head and demonstrate they have the knowledge and problem solving skills to develop the best technology.


• Type: 2-5 Sessions/Day

• Versions: Yr 5&6 / Yr 7&8 / Yr 9-11

• Difficulty: Adaptable from Easy - Moderate

• Subject Focus: Physics & Electronics

• No. Pupils: 8-30 / Session

• Additional Pupils: Add 1-6 for £5/Pupil/Session

• Duration: 1-1.25 Hours/Session (Fit to school day)

• Cost:

2 Sessions: £575+VAT*

3 Sessions: £700+VAT

4 Sessions: £825+VAT

5 Sessions : £950+VAT

* The Option of 2 Sessions/Day is Only Available from 12:00 Onward


Delivered in addition to ice-breakers & team-building activities

• Symbols & Circuits

• Building Electrical Circuits

• Designing & Building Sensors

• Lander Electronics Quiz

A complete skills map & workshop ebrochure can be downloaded from our response email when you check available dates.

"A very innovative and engaging experience for students. This encourages cooperation, collaboration, knowledge, speed and skill. Students were thoroughly involved until the end. Excellent presentation. Highly recommended."

M Bedwany – Acting HOS, James Ruse High School


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