Space Adventure

Target:Mars - The Space Adventure for Creative Thinkers in STEM

The race to Mars provides the backdrop to a spectacular Space Adventure event. We take the thrill of a mission to explore an alien planet and add an adrenalin filled storyline that makes for an unforgettable real-life experience for participants.

Our carefully structured blend of hands-on physics, chemistry and biology activities enthuses pupils to view science, engineering, teamwork and problem solving in a new light - as pioneers of the future.

This specialist STEM activity day is game-like in style, pitting teams of students against one another in a race to have the technology, skills and knowledge to colonise Mars.

Imagine competing nations, life and death situations (simulated!), money management, engineering, science, maths, team building and functional skill development – and you are starting to picture the Target:Mars STEM event that can be a 1-5 day G&T event or Summer School for students in Year 5 through to Year 13.


  • Type of Event: 1-5 Day G&T or STEM Event or Summer School
  • Recommended Age Range: Yr5 - Yr13
  • Difficulty Rating: Medium - Hard (adapted for age & ability)
  • Subject Focus: Science, Technology, Maths & Creative Thinking
  • Maximum number of participants: 36
  • Duration: 4.5-5 Hours / day (adapted to fit school timings)

Space Day Saver

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Typical 1-Day Content:

Delivered in addition to ice-breakers & team-building activities

  • Micro Chemistry REDOX Investigation
  • Designing a Mars Lander
  • Designing a Mars Buggy
  • Designing a Wind Turbine
  • Blood Transfusions

Spectacular Saturday Workshop

Also available on a Saturday at no cost to the school

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Additional Activities Delivered in 2-5 Day Events:

Our longest running Summer School event

• Rocket Technology • Bridging the Chasm • Robot Rovers • Alarming Electronics • Disease Outbreak • Martian Sand Investigation • Exploring Electrolytic Power • Investigating Solar Power • Investigating Wind Power • Analysing Fuel Cell Technology • Exploring Nanotechnology • The Mars Explorer Programme • Colonisation Conference

Please Note: These activities are typically included in 5-Day events. Events of 2,3 & 4 day duration will include a selection of the above.

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