STEM Workshops for International Schools

Help your students to get a better job, on a higher salary - anywhere in the world

There is one area of work where salaries are rising 50% faster than the average. It is also an area of work which encompasses three quarters of the fastest growing occupations.

This area of employment is one in which over the last ten years both the European Union and the United States have been placing great emphasis in terms of encouraging students through additional promotion and funding.  It is an area of global interest and international competition.

The area is, as you may have guessed, science, technology, engineering and maths – STEM.

What Europe and the US have discovered is that by making students aware of the way the STEM subjects are developing, and by helping them to see the comparative rise in work opportunities and salaries for STEM graduates, the number of students opting for STEM courses at schools has inevitably been rising.  There has been massive investment made in this area of education in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.  Things are starting to change in Australia now too.

Which is why we introduced specialist STEM and Gifted & Talented Education Activity Days in all of these regions in 2014.  But, the best news is that by booking onto our tour dates from the UK to Australia in November to February each year - schools can save hundreds of dollars.  View our international costs.

In our sessions, we explore a series of exhilarating situations and activities all geared towards revealing to students that there is far more to STEM subjects than they probably ever imagined.

Thus, in our ‘Adventure, Horror and Thriller’ themed activity days, students are placed at the heart of an exciting story and unlock unique opportunities to introduce time-effective, exciting and emotive learning experiences.

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STEM Workshop Details:


If you are looking to develop STEM programmes for your students, you can make it considerably easier for staff by taking advantage of years of experience and expertise.

A team of specialist STEM providers from the UK can visit your school to deliver exceptional STEM Activities - using the hugely successful approaches used throughout the UK since 2001.

Highly focussed, skills-centred workshops for students and teachers are available between November and February - to help schools develop their levels of provision in line with the latest initiatives.

Your school can host unique end-of-term activities for up to 150 students each day and allow your staff to observe techniques and strategies that have been recommended by 100% of hosting UK schools for over a decade.

Event Logistics

All you need to provide is a science lab/classroom large enough for up to 30 pupils to work around tables in teams of five and a screen/white-wall to project onto.

Alternatively, we can deliver the student workshops in a hall or community room if tables can be provided by the school.

All other specialist equipment is provided.

We will provide the school with full organisational logistics by email when the schedule is confirmed. This will include a risk assessment for the activity.

Who Will Deliver Your STEM Event? 

An expert STEM presenter will deliver the session for you.   They have extensive teaching experience and have been a GAT Science Coordinator or Head of Science before specialising in both UK and international STEM programmes. They will ensure the day is successful.

All of our presenters have a full police check to meet the requirements of Educational Authorities worldwide.

Teaching staff can either observe the strategies used, so as to adapt techniques for their own lessons, or cover lessons elsewhere in the school and therefore save on costs.