Deeply immersive STEM workshops for up to 36 pupils per day

  • Activities are carefully structured to develop a huge range of STEM skills in the most exhilarating and challenging scenarios lasting the entire school day.
  • Everything is optimised to ensure time is used most effectively, allowing opportunities for students to work individually, in pairs and in teams.
  • We can provide a Thinking Skill report for every participant - based on the individual challenges they complete.
  • These sessions are ideal for specialist Gifted Able & Talented provision and/or Summer School.
  • All sessions are available as part of our Spectacular Saturday programme - often at no cost to the school.


  • UK - from £19 per student (based on maximum uptake = £695/day +VAT)
  • AU - from $45 per student (based on maximum uptake = $1620/day)

Target: Mars

Read full details about the 1-5 Day Event & Summer School

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Dead on Time

Read full details about the 1-5 Day Event & Summer School

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Read full details about the 1-5 Day Event

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Check the content and difficulty level

Use the tables below to compare the different events.

Event Name Type Yr(s) Time (min) Difficulty Pupils/day Sci Tech Eng Math Skills
Target:Mars Full-Day 5-13 300 2-3 36 P2/C2/B2 2 3 1 3
Dead on Time Full-Day 7-13 300 2-3 36 C2/B3 3 - 1 3
Bunkered Full-Day 8-13 300 3 36 P2/B2 1 2 2 3
Target:Mars 2-5 Day CUSTOM 5-13 1500 2-3 36 P2/B2/C2 3 3 2 3
Dead on Time 2-5 Day CUSTOM 7-13 1500 3 36 P2/B3/C2 3 2 3 3

Furthermore, each full-day event offers a different level of challenge and develops different styles of thinking. This enables you to select the most suitable event for your students and to build a progressive programme for your school as required.

For example:

Target: Mars - A Space Adventure for Creative Thinking (Difficulty: Medium)

Dead on Time - A Forensic Thriller for Critical Thinking (Difficulty: High)

Bunkered - A Survival Horror for Strategic Thinking (Difficulty: Very High)

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