Involve up to 180 pupils in fantastic STEM activities in a single day.

If you are looking to inspire the maximum number of pupils with a thrilling STEM workshop - these shorter sessions are ideal.  You can expose a huge number of pupils to new skills and new careers in just one day.  They are also incredibly easy to host as they are designed to run within your normal timings. 


• Choose any of the Single Sessions and repeat up to five times in the school day

• We can deliver two different sessions provided they are separated by a break

• Send us the timings of your day and we will recommend a workshop

• Problem solving, teamwork and hands-on practical work for all

• Cycle 36 students at a time through a 45-60 minute activity

• Select the most relevant theme for your students.

• Every session is an exciting competition.

• Adapted for age and ability



UK - from £5 per student (based on maximum uptake = £895+VAT/day)

Science Week Special:  Save £200/day on events hosted in March & April 2019 (£695+VAT)


Science & STEM Special Offer

Receive a £200 Discount during March & April 2019

Check the content and difficulty level

Use the tables below to compare the different events.

Single STEM Sessions - Repeated 5x Per Day

Key: Level 1 = Moderate, Level 2 = High, Level 3 = Very High, Sci = Science Focus (e.g B1 = Moderate Biology, P2 = High Physics, C3 = Very High Chemistry)
Tech = Technology, Eng = Engineering, Math = Mathematics, Skills = Range of HOT Skills Used

Event Name Type Yr(s) Time (min) Difficulty Pupils/day Sci Tech Eng Math Skills
Blood Analysis 5x Single 5-12 5x 45-60 Moderate 150 B2 1 - - 1
Electronics 5x Single 5-10 5x 60 Moderate 150 P1 1 2 - 1
Substance ID 5x Single 7-12 5x 60 High 150 C2 1 - - 1
ELISA Testing 5x Single 5-12 5x 60 Moderate 150 B1 1 - 1 2

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