Bunkered Reviews

Jewish Community Secondary School

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the last two days. We have had a huge amount of really positive feedback from staff, students and parents and several students have been telling their teachers that it has really inspired them to do well in Science. We even had several students saying that we were going to see such a difference in their attitude to science lessons because they wanted to be chosen for events like these based on what they’d heard from their peers.

V Kemp, G&T Coordinator

Watford Grammar School for Girls

As usual, fantastic enthusiasm and organisation.  Fantastic quality resources and a great range of different projects for students to carry out.  The extra information e.g actual materials and sites was informative and interesting – and great that those were used during the final quiz.  Another fantastic, well organised and exciting event!

Dr Sarah Grinham – JNR Science Coordinator

The City of Leicester College

A great pace – kept them very engaged.  Timed brilliant for our school day.  Loved the use of the quiz machine & camcorder to show the practical’s clearly.

Laura Sterland – Cover Supervisor

Shenley Brook End School – Milton Keynes

Fantastic!  All students were challenged in a variety of ways.  A superb event – well organised, well presented, fast paced, varied – Brilliant!  Highly recommended!

Greg Seddon – Gifted & Talented Lead Teacher

Overall a fantastic day.  Excellent opportunity for the students and one that I hope to be able to use again.

Craig Lenton – Head of Science

Bristol Grammar School

All the students were completely engaged.  They got through a week’s work in a day!

Judy Nesbit – Leader of Honours Students

Bishop Stopford CE School – Kettering

Excellent as always – all students fully engaged all day!

Frances Ward – Assistant Headteacher

The pace and change of activities really stimulated our students.  It was great to see the x-curricular links with the subject areas.

Mrs Louise Martin – G&T Coordinator

Carre’s Grammar School – Lincoln

Event:  As usual, superb event, organisation first class.  Pace was excellent throughout. Resources:  Good cross-curricular links between science, maths, technology etc. Presenter:  Sets a good atmosphere and maintains it throughout the day.  An excellent event that I would recommend to anyone.  The content is varied and challenging and really makes the students think.  Keeps all students engaged throughout the day.

Ange Hobbs, Director of Learning

The King’s School, Junior School – Ely

For a mixed ability group, this was a very challenging day but all the pupils seemed to enjoy it and sufficient support was given for those that needed it. A fast paced day, which kept the pupils stimulated and motivated throughout. The group work was excellent especially as there were different pairings for different activities. The fact that many pupils chose to give up part of their lunchtime and stay after school shows how much they enjoyed it.

Laura Roberts, Assistant Headteacher