School Transition and Induction Days

The one thing that we all want pupils to have as they enter secondary school or transition from one key stage to another is a sense of excitement and adventure. A sense that yes there are rules and expectations, but equally, this is going to be an extraordinary experience. An experience of a lifetime in fact.

Such an experience is one that not only builds up enthusiasm and excitement for the start of the new stage in education, it also helps the students get to know their new learning environment and new school friends. It also changes their perception of learning, and expands their own areas of interest.

Additionally, the most effective school transition days enable teachers to gauge the level to which up-coming students can work – which can prove vital if the school is to give students the ‘flying start’ Ofsted indicate they should.

Students complete the Thinkers in Education ELISA workshop during a school transition day from KS2 to KS3

Maximise Impact & Minimise Workload

Our range of events help your school to maximise the impact of the day whilst minimising the workload on the school. We provide all specialist equipment and can also produce an assessment report for every participant that details the level of thinking demonstrated against Bloom's Taxonomy.

Browse our school transition and induction days below to find the best workshop for your event or ask us for advice.

Single Sessions

Five 1-hour sessions for up to 150 pupils/day to give every pupil an exciting hands-on STEM challenge to remember

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Double Sessions

Two highly focussed 2-hour Sessions for up to 72 pupils/day to provide an even greater level of challenge and inspiration

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Full-Day Sessions

Deeply immersive 5-hour sessions for up to 36 pupils to develop a huge range of creative and critical thinking skills

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Summer Schools

Possibly The Ultimate Transfer Experience! Pupils work together within their new environment to achieve incredible learning.

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A student builds an electronic sensor during the Thinkers in Education transition workshop from KS2 to KS3
A student explores the properties of hydrophobic sand in the transition workshop from Thinkers in Education
A student measures a human bone in the school transition day called Body in the Box - from Thinkers in Education

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