Crisis Management & Medical Science Workshops For Schools

Our Crisis Management and Medical Science Workshops offer a massively effective way for schools to engage students in activities designed to build resilience in addition to knowledge and transferable skills. These carefully structured workshops employ our 'gamification' approach to ensure participants have the opportunity to face multifaceted challenges against tight deadlines - in a safe and fun environment - that may inspire new career choices for the future.

We deliver multiple 1-hour sessions in a day through to immersive 1-day crisis management and medical science workshops for schools, colleges and universities.  Compare the options below to choose the best option for your school.

"This was a brilliant activity/workshop. The presenters adapt the sessions for the cohort of students, making them as accessible or as challenging as they need to be. The level of student engagement was astronomical. Not one student looked at all less then completely absorbed and interested in the story""

Dr S Choudhry, Teacher of Science, Streatham & Clapham High School

Crisis Management Workshops For Schools

ELISA - Medical Science Workshops

Students work as the experts in clinical diagnostic testing laboratories - learning how to use ELISA (Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay) tests for diseases, drugs and diabetes. They must correctly determine the medical diagnoses for the patients being investigated. Which teams will offer the most reliable and accurate service to their patients?

• Versions: Yr 5 & 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11

• Difficulty:  Adaptable from Easy to Moderate

• Duration:  Two to Five 1-Hour Sessions

• Cost:  From £575 - £950 +VAT

TRANSFUSION - Medical Science Workshops

Patients are at risk of dying from blood loss following a terrible accident. Your students, taking on roles from an Accident and Emergency department, will learn the practical techniques required to conduct and analyse an ABO blood test (using realistic simulated blood). They must identify the blood type of each patient before arranging the life-saving transfusion in a dramatic race against time.

Versions: Yr 5 & 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11 / Yr 11 - 13 / Staff

Difficulty:  Adaptable from Moderate to Hard

Duration:  Two to Five 1-Hour Sessions

Cost:  From £575 - £950 +VAT

Blood transfusion Thinkers in Education school workshop

PANDEMIC - Medical Science Workshops

Demystify pandemic procedures by allowing participants to learn the medical science concepts and techniques used in real life. Pupils will be taught how to conduct antigen testing and blood testing when an outbreak occurs. To end the pandemic players must use their results to trace the point of origin and apply their scientific knowledge against time and under pressure. Which nation will manage the pandemic most effectively?

• Versions: Yr 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11 / Yr 11 - 13 / Staff

• Difficulty:  Adaptable from Moderate to Very Hard

• Duration:  One or Two 2-Hour Sessions

• Cost:  From £550 - £850 +VAT

BUNKERED - Crisis Management Workshops

An asteroid is hurtling toward Earth!  Teams act as governments and need to plan how to save lives.  They need engineers to design survival bunkers and build generators to power them.  They need medical staff to extract DNA and diagnose any genetic disorders in potential candidates.  They need high levels of critical thinking to be the most effective government before burying selected members of society in a bid to keep the human race alive!  Bunkered is a totally unique STEM and medical science experience.

Versions: Yr 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11 / Yr 11 - 13

Difficulty:  Adaptable from Moderate to Very Hard

• Duration:  One Day (5 hours)

Cost:  From £795 +VAT

"Bunkered was super complete, with techniques ranging from biochemistry, structural engineering, accountancy, philosophy, the list goes on! All of our students thoroughly enjoyed the day. An awesome session, as always."

L Dixon, Programmes Manager, Generating Genius

Compare Crisis Management Workshops For Schools

1-Hour Workshops

KS2 - KS5 Versions

Easy - Moderate

2-5 Sessions/Day

£575 - £950 +VAT

1-Hour Workshops

KS2 - KS5 Versions

Easy - Moderate

2-5 Sessions/Day

£575 - £950 +VAT

2-Hour Workshops

KS2 - KS5 Versions

Moderate - Very Hard

1-2 Sessions/Day

£550 - £850 +VAT

5-Hour Workshops

KS3 - KS5 Versions

Hard - Very Hard

1-5 Days (5-25 Hours)

£795 +VAT