CSI Forensic Science Workshop For Large School Groups

Allow every student to use the best forensic science equipment and techniques in thrilling CSI workshops for large group sizes. Hands-on DNA Electrophoresis and Blood Typing experiments enable students, representing CSI teams investigating a murder, to use high-level scientific evidence to reach a conclusion. Each participant selects a role of responsibility within the team and will work alone, in pairs and with the full team at different times in the day. As forensic scientists, pupils will ensure all team players conduct their processing of evidence accurately. As detectives, they will scrutinise suspects and crime scene photos in the search for clues. As a team, they must evaluate their evidence, determine its relevance and reach a conclusion before facing the pressure of the courtroom. One mistake may see a murderer walk free. Can the teams use their scientific techniques and problem solving skills to solve the case?

"A great event. Students thoroughly enjoyed it and remained engaged throughout. Everything was well thought out and prepared. Superb organisation."

S Macpherson – Head of Science, Watford Girls Grammar School

Two 2-Hour CSI Workshops

Crime Scene Video

Blood Typing

DNA Electrophoresis

Suspect Analysis

Courtroom Evidence Quiz

Different Cases Each Session

Competition League Table

Maximise Participants

Allow 120 students to experience the excitement by hosting two workshops in the school day


Age Range: Yr 6 - 13

No. Participants: Max of 60/session

Duration: 2x 120-135 Mins per Day

Difficulty Level: Medium-High

(Delivery is adapted for age & ability)

£1395 +VAT for Two Sessions of 60 pupils

£10+VAT/extra pupil (max of 12)

Full-Day CSI Workshop

Crime Scene Photo Analysis

Blood Typing

Powder Fingerprinting

Ink Fingerprint Analysis

DNA Electrophoresis

Searching For Suspects

Courtroom Evidence Quiz

Optional Extra: Toxicology Testing

Maximise Activities

Include the greatest number of activities for a large group of pupils in a 5-Hour Workshop


Age Range: Yr 6 - 13

No. Participants: Maximum of 60

Duration: 5 Hours per Day

Difficulty Level: High

(Adapted for age & ability)

Extras: £90+VAT add 60 mins toxicology

£1395 +VAT for up to 60 pupils per day

£20+VAT/extra pupil  (max of 12)

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