Five Reasons To Choose Our Event Days


1. Embed Outstanding STEM and G&T Activity Days whilst Saving Time on Planning & Resourcing

G&T/STEM targets are immediately achieved and can be more easily sustained. Your staff have the rare opportunity to observe additional effective strategies and techniques for teaching and assessment in use with the pupils they teach. These can easily be applied to their own lessons - improving provision throughout the school.  It might be as simple as the strategic use of music, the easy-to-view video camera demonstrations or the pace at which the students prove they can work given the right competitive situations!


2. At least two highly experienced and motivational teachers/presenters deliver each of the activity days, maximising activity time and student support whilst adapting the day to best suit student ability, behaviour and your timings.

The activities roll smoothly from one to another, with none of the typical 'down-time' between or wasted time setting up - that can be experienced in everyday lessons.  Students are always engaged and challenged to think and work in a variety of ways.  Our approach makes sure the sessions that make up the day are as full and useful as possible.  This ensures you get maximum value for money.


3. Our presenters are full time - with the time, experience, access to resources and the opportunity to develop each of the activity days as fully as possible.

Our exhilarating story lines and activities have been expertly designed and finely honed by our G&T specialists over hundreds of event repetitions. We have optimised content, questioning style, pace and challenge level to create exceptional learning experiences that are near impossible to achieve  in everyday teaching. 


4. We bring all specialist equipment, arriving one hour before the event to set up for a smooth and punctual start.

This means there is no preparation for the host school and your teachers can see some of the best resources available in use with the pupils they teach.  Furthermore, we trial a massive range of equipment in order to build our activities and commonly need to adapt, re-write or newly manufacture resources to ensure they are as effective, easy to use and reliable as possible.

As a result, we are confident in the quality of all equipment and resources used and make much of it available in the form of DIY kits that can be purchased in our online store.  So, if your teachers see something in use - whether it be a set of safety spectacles that pupils actually want to wear(!) or electronic voting systems that engage all pupils but actually provide an effective method of assessment - you can buy for use in your own lessons.  Of course, you may prefer to buy the boxed activities based on the those that we deliver in the event - so you can continue to deliver a similar experience yourself.

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5. You can build a progressive programme using our range of events - ensuring development from one event to another - whether it is per term or per year.

For example: 

  • Year 7 complete the first-day of Target:Mars
  • Year 8 complete the first day of Dead on Time
  • Year 9 complete the first day of Bunkered

Your G&T provision is planned, effective, easy to implement and (most importantly) progressive!  It can be part of your provision strategy shown to OfSTED.

Plus, if you book these on consecutive days - you make massive savings!  Of course, you may require a more comprehensive scheme - which is where the second and third day of each event can be built into your programme. 


Host an event and find out for yourself why we have been recommended by 100% of host schools since 2001