Include up to 72 pupils a day in STEM Workshops for Schools

If you are looking for deep learning opportunities in STEM for more than one class in a day, our Double Sessions may be ideal. They allow more pupils to participate than in a Full-Day Session, making it cheaper per pupil, but also allow enough time for the groups to explore more complex activities than in our Single-Sessions.

You can include 36 pupils per session and each session can be adapted for the ability level - making these a perfect addition to gifted and talented programmes whilst giving opportunities for all.

Space Pioneers - STEM Workshop for Schools
Go Engineering - STEM Workshop for Schools
Blood Pool - CSI STEM Workshop for Schools
The Pandemic - STEM Workshop

Currently Unavailable

Body in the Box - CSI STEM Workshop for Schools


• Double Sessions last for two hours and can be delivered twice in a day.

• Two practical activities are designed to compliment one another perfectly.

• Enables greater detail, higher challenge levels and broader skill development.

• Every participant is assessed via electronic handsets and results analysed.

• Challenge level and delivery style is matched to the ability of each group.

 Detailed scenarios add extra engagement and motivation.

• Includes up to 36 pupils per session & 72 participants a day



UK - from £11 per student (based on maximum uptake = £795/day +VAT)

One 2-Hour Session (After 11:30) : £495+VAT

One 2-Hour Morning Session: £650+VAT

Two 2-Hour Sessions Per Day: £795+VAT

Save 10% by hosting 2 consecutive days

Reopening Savers

Save £100 on Double Sessions from Oct 1st-Dec 20th. Plus, save an extra 10% when you book consecutive days.

Check the content and difficulty level

Use the tables below to compare the different events.

Double STEM & GAT Sessions - Repeated 2x Per Day

Key: Level 1 = Moderate, Level 2 = High, Level 3 = Very High, Sci = Science Focus (e.g B1 = Moderate Biology, P2 = High Physics, C3 = Very High Chemistry)
Tech = Technology, Eng = Engineering, Math = Mathematics, Skills = Range of HOT Skills Used

Event Name Type Yr(s) Time (min) Difficulty Pupils/day Sci Tech Eng Math Skills
Space Pioneers 2x Double 5-12 120-140 2 72 P2/C3 1 2 - 2
Go Engineering 2x Double 5-12 120-140 2 72 P1 1 3 1 2
Body in the Box 2x Double 5-13 120-140 3 72 B3 2 - 2 2
CSI Blood Pool 2x Double 6-13 120-140 2 72 B3 2 - 1 2
The Pandemic 2x Double 7-13 120-140 3 72 B3 2 - 2 2

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