BTEC Level 3 Forensic Investigation - 2017 Specification Onwards

Applied Science Unit 23 and/or Forensic and Criminal Investigation Unit 4

Our programmes are specifically designed to help centres deliver Unit 23 of the Applied Science and/or unit 4 of the Forensic and Criminal Investigation Nationals Level 3.   We can also include a good many elements of unit 13 (Forensic Genetics).

The workshops help students achieve up to a Distinction level through a carefully constructed scenario offering a deep and realistic learning experience.

We provide a teacher support pack after the event to follow-up and reinforce the activities delivered.  We also email a report detailing each participant's level of knowledge (as demonstrated during our Courtroom Quiz activities - in which every participant uses an electronic voting system to answer carefully structured questions - under pressure).

Paperwork completed by participants is left with the school/college to support each individual portfolio of work.

What do our BTEC Forensic Science Event Days include?

A single day often includes:

Crime Scene Photo Analysis, Powder Fingerprinting, Drug Analysis, DNA Fingerprinting

In addition, a two-day course often includes:

Gathering & Processing evidence from a Simulated Crime Scene, Bone & Skeleton Physiology and Blood Typing.

In addition, a three-day course often includes:

Chemical presumptive tests for bodily fluids, Cyanoacrylate Fuming of fingerprints, Microscopy and Hair & Fibre Analysis.

Every activity further informs the case conclusions each participant is required to make. We try to adapt the day to best meet your requirements - but some activities are only possible if at least two consecutive days are booked due to the set-up time required.


What Criteria of the BTEC Forensic Science Units is covered?

Quite simply, the more days we deliver the more comprehensive the coverage of the unit criteria. However, we find that each school/college usually finds a compromise between the specialist activities we deliver and the paper-based research and follow-up work that can be delivered by teachers in the school.

With up to 90 hours of guided instruction suggested for these units - it helps you to reduce your costs if we focus on the activities you cannot easily deliver yourself. We recommend booking a 1-3 days course (5 - 15 hours) with us to do so and you will be amazed by how much content we can include.  We have always found students are far more successful if they conduct as many of the practical activities as possible themselves - following our easy-to-learn tutorials.

Typically, we include as much practical and associated analytical work as we can within the time-frame dictated by the host school/college.  Our aim is to make the unit as easy to for you to deliver as possible.

By hosting one of our BTEC forensic events - you do not have to:

Spend time creating a scenario and setting up a realistic crime scene

Spend money buying the specialist equipment or training staff to use it

We offer the easiest way to achieve fantastic results.

What are the costs?

The more consecutive days you host - the more you save. (We can offer discounts for consecutive days because our presenters are already in the area and set-up/clear-up can be completed between days)

You simply let us know 3 preferred dates and the length of course required and we will try to meet schedule.

Current costs are:

£850+VAT for 1 day

£1600+VAT for 2 days

£2100+VAT for 3 days

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