How To Choose School Activity Days

Thinkers in Education deliver a unique range of in-school activity days and summer schools centred on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based subjects.

Follow the steps below to find your ideal event or ask us for advice.

We offer different versions of each event:

♦ Specialist, highly focussed STEM days for Able, Gifted and Talented pupils.

♦ Carefully adapted and facilitated versions for mixed ability pupils.

Both types of event include the same 'hands-on' practical experiences but A,G&T events are specifically designed to include higher level content and language, a faster delivery pace and a greater level of independent problem solving.

Our expert presenters also adapt their delivery to be appropriate to the age and ability of the group(s) on the day - based on initial assessments made at the start of the sessions.

STEP 1:  What Is Your Main Objective?

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Maximise Participants

Deliver inspiring STEM activities to a large group

Single Sessions

Five 1-hour sessions for up to 180 pupils/day to give every pupil an exciting hands-on STEM challenge to remember

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Large Group Sessions

Half-day & Full-Day Sessions for up to 60 pupils/session to focus on teamwork and project management skills

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Maximise Challenge

Complex multi-skill workshops ideal for focus groups

Double Sessions

Two highly focussed 2-hour Sessions for up to 36 pupils/session to provide a high level of challenge and inspiration

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Full-Day Sessions

Deeply immersive 5-hour sessions for up to 36 pupils to develop a huge range of creative and critical thinking skills

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STEP 2: When Is Your Ideal Time?

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