CSI Workshops For Schools

CSI Workshops are an incredibly popular way for schools and colleges to engage students. But to make the most of the experience you need to combine effective learning activities with the very best forensic science equipment and professional techniques. You also need realistic and carefully plotted scenarios - as intriguing as anything participants may have watched on television.

We deliver multiple 1-hour sessions in a day through to immersive 5-day CSI workshops for schools, colleges and universities.  We offer specific versions of our 1-3 Day CSI Workshop for WJEC Level 3 Criminology and BTEC Level 3 Forensic Science & Applied Science. Compare the options below to choose the best CSI workshop for your students.

"One of the BEST workshops I have ever seen delivered!!!  Not only is it exceptionally well organised, but the buzz from the students is brilliant.  Their conversations at lunch were all focused on the workshop.  Amazing!"

N Spencer, Progress Lead, Magna Carta School

CSI Workshops For Schools - The Scenarios

DEAD on TIME - CSI Workshops

A dead man has been found in a car on the outskirts of a city. Teams will analyse the crime scene and investigate to find the suspects. In one day they must accurately complete Toxicology, Fingerprinting and DNA Electrophoresis tests and use their critical thinking skills to uncover twists, turns and shock revelations in a dramatic mystery. All 2-5 day workshops include an ultra-realistic crime scene search and new forensic tests each day in our most in-depth scenario

Versions: Yr 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11 / Yr 11 - 13

• AAT Level 3:  WJEC Criminology or BTEC Forensic Science

Difficulty:  Adaptable from Moderate to Very Hard

• Duration:  One to Five Days (5 - 25 hours)

Cost:  From £795 - £3180 +VAT

CSI Dead on Time - Thinkers in Education Flagship CSI Workshops For Schools. The silhouette of a car with a body slumped forward - against backdrop of trees and syringe with a smoke fingerprint rising into the sky give the first clues in this five to 25 hour activity.
CSI Blood Pool - Thinkers in Education CSI Workshops For Schools. A female forensic scientist looking at a bullet through a magnifying glass - with blood spatter in the background set the scene of this two hour activity.

BLOOD POOL - CSI Workshops

A body has been found with blood on its hands. Forensic scientists must help detectives by conducting and analysing blood types and DNA fingerprints from the scene. But when one mistake can contaminate the evidence and when all is not what it may seem - the wrong suspect may be found guilty. Someone may be about to get away with murder!

• Versions: Yr 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11 / Yr 11 - 13 / Staff

• Difficulty:  Adaptable from Moderate to Very Hard

• Duration:  One or Two 2-Hour Sessions

• Cost:  From £550 - £850 +VAT


Partial human remains and a mysterious code have been found in a box hidden within a derelict car. Investigating teams must identify, measure and analyse the bones and skull to determine any similarity to profiles of missing persons. They need to determine stature, gender and ancestral origin but only a successful DNA test from suspected relatives will prove the identity of the body in the box!

Versions: Yr 5 & 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11 / Yr 11 - 13 / Staff

Difficulty:  Adaptable from Moderate to Hard

Duration:  One or Two 2-Hour Sessions/Day

Cost:  From £550 - £850 +VAT

CSI Body in the Box - Thinkers in Education CSI Workshops For Schools. A skull with a letter engraved on the top set the mood of this two hour activity.
CSI Blood Types - Thinkers in Education CSI Workshops For Schools. A chalk outline of a body with blood spatter patterns set the mood of this one hour activity.


There has been a murder and four different suspects need to be investigated. Crime scene photos seem ambiguous so the detectives need to rely on successful blood type analysis to eliminate the innocent. But will the blood specialist prove to be an expert witness in the courtroom or lead detectives to the wrong prime suspect?

• Versions: Yr 5 & 6 / Yr 7 & 8 / Yr 9-11

• Difficulty:  Adaptable from Easy to Moderate

• Duration:  Two to Five 1-Hour Sessions

• Cost:  From £575 - £950 +VAT

Unrivalled Design & Delivery

Your students will benefit from the same training used in our Level 3 BTEC CSI and WJEC Criminology units - in workshops adapted for age, ability and time by our teams of experts.  The content, language, conceptual modelling, pacing and questioning style are also modified on the day by the presenter to give your students the best possible learning experience.

As forensic scientists, pupils will learn to process and analyse evidence like a professional.  As detectives, they will scrutinise suspects and crime scenes in the search for clues.  As an investigative team, they must evaluate their evidence, determine its relevance and reach a conclusion before facing the pressure of the courtroom.

Incredible Realism

To maximise engagement and give participants a real experience of forensic science and investigative work, we provide real equipment for them to use and a realistic case to solve. (Of course, the scenarios are adapted to be age appropriate). Our carefully constructed crime scene photos grip the attention from the very beginning, setting the scene perfectly and igniting imaginations.

For the ultimate impact, a reconstructed crime scene is transported to the venue in our 2+ day WJEC Criminology and BTEC Forensics Science workshops and is also included in all other 3+ day workshops - ready for teams to explore and process. The visit to a carefully dressed and prepared outdoor site makes a huge difference to student engagement compared to simply setting up an area in a classroom.  The suspension of disbelief is incredibly powerful and enhances the learning pathway. Every team will visit, investigate, photograph and complete their search patterns like in real-life.  We can also allow participants to use of professional policing tapes and forensic evidence bags for the ultimate reality experience.

Effective Team Building

Every participant selects a role of responsibility within the team and will have the chance to work alone, in pairs and with the full team at different times. Each workshop allows pupils to explore a range of different career options and develop vital workplace skills. Finely honed activities encourage every student to apply a multitude of cross-curricular skills with cutting-edge science techniques.  The more challenging the workshop the greater the levels of critical thinking and communication required to solve the case. It is an intense, rewarding and shared learning experience that brings participants together - regardless of age. In fact, these offer great staff CPD opportunities too!

"The second year of using TIE and I cannot wait to book them again. Incredibly organised, outstanding delivery, great workshops - which students love. Totally engaging and challenging.  From initial inquiry to the day of delivery a totally professional outfit. I cannot recommend highly enough."

K York, Assistant Headteacher, The Ferrers School

Compare CSI Workshops For Schools

1-Hour Workshops

KS2 - KS4 Versions

Easy - Moderate

2-5 Sessions/Day

£575 - £950 +VAT

2-Hour Workshops

KS2 - KS5 Versions

Moderate - Hard

1-2 Sessions/Day

£550 - £850 +VAT

2-Hour Workshops

KS2 - KS5 Versions

Moderate - Very Hard

1-2 Sessions/Day

£550 - £850 +VAT

1-5 Day Workshops

KS3 - KS5 Versions

Hard - Very Hard

1-5 Days (5-25 Hours)

£795 - £3180 +VAT