Events for Large Groups

Sometimes you may want to host an event that will give all of the students in a year group an opportunity to experience an 'Activity Day'.  We offer a range of these too - designed to provide you with options to fit within your ideal timings.  These events are delivered within a STEM context to groups sizes of up to 60 at one time and they run for half-day or full-day sessions. We have honed every workshop to maximise the opportunities for your students to identify and develop new skills as an individual and as part of a team.

Check the content and difficulty level

Use the tables below to compare the different events.

Key: Level 1 = Moderate, Level 2 = High, Level 3 = Very High
Sci = Science Focus, Tech = Technology, Eng = Engineering, Math = Mathematics, Skills = Range of HOT Skills Used
(e.g B1 = Moderate Biology, P2 = High Physics, C3 = Very High Chemistry)

Event Name Type Yr(s) Time (min) Difficulty Pupils/day Sci Tech Eng Math Skills
Killer Coaster Enterprise 5-10 300 2 60-120 P1 - 3 2 2
The Space Race Enterprise 5-10 180-210 2 60 P1 - 2 1 2
CSI Forensics STEM 6-13 120 & 300 3 60-120 B2/C1 2 - 1 2

Single STEM Sessions For 180 Pupils A Day

We also offer a wide range of different activities delivered within the period of your normal lesson that are a very popular way to include all pupils during an activity day or activity week.  Even though short in duration, each 40 - 60 minute session is designed to offer a more complex science based activity than possible in our Enterprise Events and enables you to cycle different classes through the STEM activities each day.   These are best considered as Mini-STEM Events for all students of all abilities.  We can even create a league table for you to show how well each team competed throughout the day - it all helps to make the day a memorable and effective experience.

Single Sessions

Five Exciting Mini-Events To Choose From

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