Thinkers in Education is the specialist educational division of Aspire More Able. Since our inception in 2001 we have been passionate about providing the most stimulating learning experiences possible for students in year 5 upward. Our aim is to help students develop vital thinking skills that enable them to succeed in education and beyond. We work with schools and universities to help people realise their potential.


Our presentation teams work throughout the UK. We also provide workshops and teacher training internationally - across Europe and in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Every presentation team is full-time and consists of a lead presenter and at least one other specialist classroom assistant. This approach ensures students are fully supported and activities flow seamlessly to maximise learning time and student engagement. All of our team leaders have not only been hugely experienced teachers but specialists in Able, Gifted & Talented provision since 1997.


We believe pupils should develop thinking skills rather than simply recite facts. Our workshops are carefully structured, with questions and tasks of progressive complexity. There is a careful blend of enrichment and extension activities, which consolidate existing knowledge and enhance comprehension and application skills. Through problem solving, practical work and teamwork the pupils are challenged to analyse information and synthesise new concepts and ideas.


Every workshop is initially designed to suitably challenge pupils identified as more able or gifted and talented. It allows us to more effectively determine pace, challenge level, content and questioning style. We then adapt and facilitate the workshop to ensure versions exist to offer an appropriate challenge level for all learners. As a result, we are one of the few organisations able to offer truly specialised workshops for more able students together with workshops developing higher order thinking skills for all.


View any of our full-day workshops to get a feel for our approach