School Workshop Promotions & Discounts

STEM and Able, Gifted & Talented workshops add genuine value to the curriculum at any time of year but it is always a good feeling to know you grabbed a bargain!

So, we offer a range of school workshop promotions and discounts throughout the year - to help as many students participate as possible.  The best news is that we will automatically apply the best promotion available to any booking you choose to make.

Have a look at the options currently available and get in touch using our Contact Us form or call us on 01603 555524


"MAYDAY-MAYDAY" - We are here to help!

SAVE 10% on either of the two workshops below this May

May is always a busy time with exams looming and everyone possibly feeling a little bit stressed.  But it is a great time to host a workshop in a classroom or science lab for those students not taking exams.  It helps to free-up school staff and inspires students to keep on going in the final Summer Term.  

Host either of the 120-135 minute workshops below for up to 36 pupils once or twice in a day.

Your cost is £495-£765 +VAT respectively. Click an image to find out more.

National Forensic Science Week Could be Murder in September!

Include up to 72 pupils per session and SAVE 10%

If you want to include a large number of pupils in one day in a thrilling CSI event, these workshops allow you to.

The repeat 2-hour workshop allows for up to 72 pupils per session (144 pupils/day).

Discounted Cost:

Two 2-Hour CSI Workshops for £930 - £1470 +VAT for 37-72 pupils per session respectively (144 pupils/day)  

One 5-Hour CSI Workshops for £930 - £1470 +VAT for 37-72 pupils per day

Offer available Sept 15th - 21st

Save Lives and Save £100 in National Biology Week:

Host The Pandemic workshop to give up to 60 pupils an incredible Medical Science day.

Empower your students with the knowledge and techniques used to control and prevent a global pandemic.  Based on the 2014 outbreak of Ebloa, this workshop helps participants put the recent Coronavirus pandemic into context against past outbreaks such as Measles, Small Pox & MERS.  Participants will learn the science behind the Rapid Antigen Tests, the logic of Track & Trace and the viability of Convalescent Blood Therapy.

If you want to include two different groups of pupils in one day, these workshops enable it.

The repeat 2-hour workshop allows for up to 30 pupils per session (60 pupils/day).

This makes for truly effective transition, induction or skill development day.

Discounted Cost:

Two 2-Hour Workshops for just £750 +VAT  (Saving £100/day)

Add up to six more pupils per session for £10+VAT per pupil.

Offer Available Oct 7th - Oct 11th 2024

Plus, save an additional 10% by hosting two consecutive days within these dates

It's World Space Week in October:

Save £100 on our Target: Mars workshops to celebrate throughout the month.

With World Space Week always occurring between 4-10th October there is no better time to allow your students to experience our full-day, flagship space adventure workshop Target: Mars.  You can host during half-term by using our 'Holiday Workshop' options and even expand to the full 3-day mission.

Created in 2001 by our own resident Astrophysicist (and G&T specialist) to coincide with the launch of the Mars Odyssey mission this workshop launched our own STEM tours.  It has been updated and expanded alongside the Mars missions of reality.  With thousands of participants and every host school recommending this space adventure ever since - maybe it is time to see if your students have the right stuff!

The exciting 5-hour workshop includes up to 30 pupils per day.

Discounted Cost:

One 5-Hour Space Themed Workshop for £695 +VAT for up to 30 pupils per day. 

Add up to six additional pupils for £15+VAT each. 

Offer Available Oct 1st - Oct 31st 2024