The Best Edvotek Kits for UK Schools at Unbeatable Prices

Discovering DNA as a classroom activity – whether it is extraction, electrophoresis or more advanced PCR experimentation – is a hugely effective way to develop student understanding in fascinating ‘real-life’ situations. Each experiment develops a multitude of skills and adds true value to the curriculum from KS3 through to KS5 and beyond.

But, of all the DNA electrophoresis kits - which one is our top choice? Click the on the trophy to find out.

To run the kit - you will need an electrophoresis tank - and right now you can get the Single Gel-Tank M6Plus for £110 inc VAT and the M36 Hexagel unit (that can run an impressive six gel trays at one time) for just £225 inc VAT.

Which Kits are Suitable for UK Schools?

Edvotek manufacture some of the very best educational kits and hardware but they are based in America and some products do prove to be irrelevant for UK schools.

Our STEM event specialists have integrated numerous Edvotek kits into our in-school programmes for years – favouring the ease of use and range of applications of the electrophoresis kits in particular. It means we have a unique overview of the benefits of each product and its relevance to your teaching. We only list resource kits we have fully evaluated - but if there is an item you are looking for in particular, we do have their full catalogue available and can order it for you.

Click Here to read our guide for choosing a DNA Electrophoresis Tank

Why Choose Us As Your Supplier?

Edvotek has partnered with a select few distributors in the UK – to ensure their product range is still available now that Edvotek Europe has closed. We are delighted to be of those distributors.

Click on the links on this page and you will quickly see that our online shop offers the best prices in the UK.  When combined with the unique insight we can offer about each kit - we think it is an unbeatable way for you to purchase with confidence.

We have carefully selected products from Edvotek's US catalogue focussing on:

  • Ease of inclusion with the UK curriculum
  • Overall resource quality
  • Value for money

We offer a wide range of the most popular kits at unbeatable prices but we have also put together exclusive packages that enable you to deliver your lesson more effectively.

If you ordered products from Edvotek Europe - you can order exactly the same products through our online shop.

In fact, we can provide you with any Edvotek kit or piece of equipment.  Simply tell us the product you want and we will ship it in for you within 5 days from the US along with our other shipments - saving you time and money.

All prices are quoted including VAT - so you know the true cost before you check out.  (Most schools can claim the VAT back, so we detail it separately on the invoice for you)

It is easy and quick to order and pay.  You can choose to pay by invoice (30 days after receiving goods) or by Credit Card, PayPal, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Benefit From Experience

We do not have a sales team visiting schools. Instead, our event presenters (experienced science teachers) act as advisors who can talk about the products from the experience of having used them in actual UK classrooms with Yr5-Yr13 pupils – over and over again. It makes a massive difference.

This is our serious attempt to eradicate that sinking feeling, that may be all too familiar, of opening a much anticipated new science kit only to find it contains very little of relevance or, even worse, provides nothing you could not have done better yourself.

Furthermore, if you book an event with us - you can ask our team to bring the equipment you want to your school for inspection.

We are proud of our 100% recommendation record for our event programmes and want to ensure our retail division maintains that record – so we will go that extra mile to provide the best service possible.

If you would like to read more about our work in deciding exactly which DNA Electrophoresis Tank is best suited for Educational Use in the School Lab, we have a paper describing in more depth how we came to choose one particular model.

If you would like to read the full four-page report, please do email: and we’ll email you the report straight back.


Choosing a DNA Tank

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