The Space Race Enterprise Event For Large Groups

An Enterprise & Engineering Event

Age Range: Yr 5 - 13

No. Participants: Maximum of 60 per Session

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 3 Hours per Session

£850 +VAT for up to 60 pupils

£15+VAT/extra pupil (max of 12)

Activities Included

The Space Race So Far

Prototype Design & Build

Purchasing & Trading Materials

Prototype Testing

Space Race Quiz

Teams represent rival nations in a race to develop prototypes of Landers, Generation Stations and Exploration Buggies. They must demonstrate that each prototype meets progressive targets to ensure their nation has a chance to win the contract to build the new wave of space vehicles!

Every participant needs to select a job-role that matches their skill set and benefits their team.  Every team needs to balance design ideals with cost effectiveness, as they buy and trade materials throughout the event.

“Absolutely brilliant. The girls have really enjoyed this challenge every year.”

Mrs N McCann, Head of Science, The Girls Crest Academy, London

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