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Based on an incredible true story and reminiscent of a high-stakes detective movie, a vault in a renowned Diamond District was the target of a cunning heist. The culprits were meticulous in their planning but, to a trained eye, they left behind a trail of clues, challenging the sharpest minds to unravel the mystery.

Aspiring sleuths must now step into the shoes of forensic experts, finding evidence at the crime scene without contaminating it, dusting and analysing fingerprints with meticulous detail and to piece together the puzzle to find out how the heist of the century was pulled off.

It's a race against time to ensure justice prevails and the masterminds behind the burglary are brought to light. Will every thief be apprehended, or will the plot twist with a clever escape and millions in sparkling loot slipping through the fingers of the law? The answer lies in the hands of those who dare to solve the case.

Can you solve it?


• Versions Available: Age 10-12 / Age 12-15 / Age 15-18 / Age 18+

• Difficulty Level: Moderate (3/5) - 72 solve rate

• No. Participants: 15-30 / Session

• Activity Duration: 2.5 Hours

• Arrival & Departure: 15 minutes before & after workshop

• Parking: Available Onsite

• Recommended Clothing: Casual & Comfortable

• Cost: £30 per ticket (£20 with Early Bird Booking)


Delivered as an exciting competition between teams.

• Reviewing Crime Scene Video

• Suiting-Up & Finding Evidence

• Dusting & Lifting Fingerprints

• Ink Print & Ridge Detail Analysis

• Reconstructing the Heist Stages

• Expert Witness Courtroom Quiz

"Very interactive and intense, extremely fun and competitive. Learned a lot about detecting fingerprints and more! Highlight of the month!"

L Ling, Age 11, Windsor


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Ages 10-12

Wed 7th Aug

Ages 10-12

Sat 10th Aug

Ages 10-12

Sun 11th Aug

Ages 12-15

Thu 8th Aug

Ages 12-15

Sat 10th Aug

Ages 12-15

Sat 10th Aug

Ages 15-18

Thu 8th Aug

Ages 18+

Coming Soon

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