Come alone, in a pair or as a group to take part

A body has been found and there is blood at the scene. In the intricate world of criminal investigation and forensic science, you will become sleuths in a macabre mystery, where the smallest detail could be the key to cracking the case.

Step into the shoes of forensic experts, applying the techniques, considering the evidence with a critical eye and keeping a steady hand to avoid the pitfalls of contamination.

The challenge is not just to process the evidence like a professional, carrying out a blood typing test and DNA fingerprint, but to use your detective mind to analyse the results and crime scene photos to determine how the pieces of the puzzle fit together and explain what really happened. If all is not what it first seems - the wrong suspect may be found guilty. Someone may be about to get away with murder!

Can you solve it?


• Versions Available: Age 12-15 / Age 15-18 / Age 18+

• Difficulty Level: High (4/5) - 67% solve rate

• No. Participants: 15-36 / Session

• Activity Duration: 2.5 Hours

• Arrival & Departure: 15 minutes before & after workshop

• Parking: Available Onsite

• Recommended Clothing: Casual & Comfortable

• Cost: £30 per ticket (£20 with Early Bird Bookings)


Delivered as an exciting competition between teams.

• Analyse Crime Scene Photos

• Discover Suspects' Motives & Alibis

• Conduct an ABO Blood Typing Test (Simulated)

• Load DNA Fingerprints & Analyse Results

• Discuss & Reach Case Conclusions

• Be an Expert Witness in the Courtroom Quiz

"An absolutely terrific event - the best I've ever come across. Fast-paced, well-resourced, entirely immersive and superbly educational. I couldn't recommend this enough!"

R McCready, aged 18+, Northumberland


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Ages 10-12

Coming Soon

Ages 12-15

Mon 22nd Jul

Ages 12-15

Mon 28th Jul

Ages 12-15

Wed 14th Aug

Ages 12-15

Sat 17th Aug

Ages 15-18

Sun 28th Jul

Ages 15-18

Wed 14th Aug

Ages 15-18

Sat 17th Aug

Ages 18+

Sat 17th Aug

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