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Terms & Conditions



  1. Terms, Conditions and Definitions
  2. Basis of the Contract
  3. The Services
  4. Your Booking
  5. Price
  6. Cancellations & Postponements
  7. Arrival
  8. Disabilities and Medical
  9. Limitation of Liability
  10. Your Responsibilities and Liability
  11. TiE's Authority
  12. Force Majeure
  13. Law of Contract
  14. Photos and Social Media
  15. Contacting Us



  1. Terms, Conditions and Definitions

In these conditions:-

“Thinkers in Education” (TiE) is the trading name for the educational division of Aspire More Able
"TiE" means THINKERS IN EDUCATION, The Enterprise Centre, UEA, University Drive, Norwich, NR4 7TJ, United Kingdom.

"The Client" and "You" means the person purchasing the Services from TiE.

"The Guests" means the recipients of the Services or any of them as the context requires.

"The Services" means the services supplied to the Client and / or Guests under these conditions.


By booking with Tie, the Client agrees on behalf of all Guests listed on the booking that:


1.1 You have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.


1.2 The Client making the booking is over 16 years of age and the Guests participating in the event are the appropriate age as detailed within the event information and all information given to TiE by the Client is accurate and true.


1.3 TiE can collect and store the Client and Guests personal details for a period of 24 months after the workshop is completed. TiE will not disclose details to any 3rd party (apart from TicketSource and/or Eventbrite who act as data processors to accept payments on behalf of TiE) and will ensure the privacy of the Client and Guests’ personal information is protected. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.


1.4 The use of mobile phones, recording devices or cameras are not permitted to be used in the event by Clients or Guests. We ask that these are switched off and left in the Guests’ bag. Mobile phones can be used before or after the event to arrange pick-up. They can also be used in case of emergencies or illness during the event with the permission of any TiE presentation team.


1.5 TiE requires Clients and Guests to NOT share details of our events online or by word of mouth as this could ruin the experience for Guests who have not yet participated in the events. This does not include what they thought to their experience - only the solutions and the story-lines of the events.


  1. Basis of the Contract


2.1 A binding contract between TiE and the Client comes into existence as soon as TiE receive the ticket booking to confirm you would like to go ahead with the Services and TiE have reviewed and accepted this confirmation.


2.2 TiE contracts on these conditions only, and acceptance by TiE of any request for the provision of Services from a Client shall be upon these conditions and shall override any other terms and conditions stipulated or incorporated by the Client. Variations or representations will only be binding on TiE if confirmed in writing by TiE.


2.3 The Client warrants that it is either a Guest or is the authorised agent of the Guests and is accepting these conditions not only for itself but as an agent for the Guests.


2.4 It is hereby expressly agreed that every servant or agent of TiE (including every independent contractor from time to time employed by TiE) shall take the benefit of every exemption and limitation contained in these Conditions. Every exemption from liability, defence and immunity to which TiE is entitled shall also be available and shall protect and extend to every such servant or agent for the purposes of this condition. TiE shall be deemed to be acting as agent on behalf of such servants all such persons shall to this extent be deemed to be parties to the contract of which these Conditions form part.


  1. The Services


3.1 All descriptions and illustrations contained in TiE literature, price list and advertisements or otherwise communicated to the Client are intended to present merely a general idea of the Services described and shall not form part of the contract.


3.2 TiE reserves the right to make substitutions and modifications to the equipment used in the provision of the Services.


  1. Your Booking


4.1 Your booking is confirmed when you have paid. This will form a contract between you and TiE. You must contact us immediately if any of the details on the booking are incorrect as this may harm your rights if there are any inaccuracies. The Client has sole responsibility of entering details correctly.


4.2 You cannot resell or transfer your booking to another person without the permission of TiE.


  1. Price


5.1 The price charged by TiE for the provision of the Services shall be as stated in the quotation of any booking made by the Client, provided that any advised additional costs incidental to the provision of Services incurred by TiE shall be in addition to such price.


5.2 TiE reserve the right to charge additional fees to replace equipment at cost if equipment provided by TiE is damaged above reasonable expected usage levels by Guests during the course of the event.  A TiE representative will inform the Client of any such damage at the pick-up time of the Guest.


5.3 TiE reserve the right to change the prices or promotions on their website without notice. This will not change the price of your booking if you have already paid.


  1. Cancellations & Postponements


6.1 If for any reason TiE cancels the booking before the delivery date, payments paid by the Client shall be returned in full if alternative arrangements cannot be agreed upon.


6.2 TiE reserve the right to remove the Guest from the event for the following reasons (1) Guest behaviour prevents the event from continuing safely (2) TiE’s Presenters or other participants are threatened to an unacceptable level.  (3) Equipment provided by TiE is significantly damaged.  The Client will not be eligible for a refund and will be contacted immediately to remove the Guest from the event.


6.3 Refunds (minus the TicketSource processing fee of 7%) will be issued for bookings cancelled with more than 14 days to go before the event date. After this time, no refunds will be given but you may be able to reschedule your booking to an alternative event within a 12 month period. An additional £10 rebooking fee will be charged if you cancel and reschedule with less than 72 hours notice before the start of the event.


6.4 You can reschedule your booking up to 72 hours before your event date booking for no additional fee. An email will be sent to you to reschedule within 12 months from the issue date stated within the email.


6.5 For cancellations made less than 72 hours before the start of your event, we will offer to reschedule your event, but it will incur an additional £10 rebooking fee as it would be too late for us to resell the spot and we would incur lost revenue. We will send an email for you to reschedule up to 12 months from the issue date within the email.


6.6 You can change the Guest that is participating in the event instead of rescheduling or cancelling. We would need to know the name and details of the new Guest. Please email us 72 hours before the event date to arrange an alternative Guest and we will send you an email with the details we will require of the new Guest.


6.7 We reserve the right to cancel your booking without a refund if a suitable time and place cannot be agreed upon between the Client and TiE. However, we will do our very best to reschedule the event for you.


  1. Arrival


7.1 Our events are time sensitive; we will not wait for latecomers to start the event as this is unfair to other Guests. Please ensure that you allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. Should a Guest arrive 10 minutes after the event has started, they would have missed the introduction and any safety briefings and may not be allowed to participate. If this occurs there will be no refunds offered.


7.2 We will ask Guests to leave any belongings in a safe location within the same room away from any entry or exit points. Although we do our best to keep the Guests’ belongings secure at each venue, TiE except no responsibility for any loss or damage of property.


7.3 Drinks and snacks (excluding any nut products) may be brought to the event. We will ask Guests to keep snacks with their belongings for health and safety reasons whilst they carry out any practical experiments; drinks may be kept closer to their team table.


  1. Disabilities and Medical


8.1 Please contact us if any Guest has a disability or medical issue. We can advise on the suitability of the events, and we will try and accommodate any of their needs. If this is not possible and we feel we cannot properly accommodate the needs of the Guest, we will inform you not to go ahead with the booking. If full details were not given when booked; your booking may be cancelled. It will not be a breach of contract on our part if we cannot meet any special requests.


8.2 TiE’s events are not suitable for people of a nervous disposition due to the nature of the story-lines, time restrictions, playing in a team and tense music playing in the background.


  1. Limitation of Liability


9.1 Prior to the commencement of the Services, the Client and all its Guests will, if so requested by TiE, sign a disclaimer of liability, the terms of which are available to the Client on request.


9.2 TiE accepts no liability for loss (including for e.g. loss of enjoyment), injury, death, illness or damage of any nature whatsoever, whether direct or consequential, arising out of provision of Services, save as provided under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:-


9.2.1 TiE maintains public liability insurance cover up to a maximum sum of £5 million and the Client and every Guest shall limit any claims against TiE to such sum; and


9.2.2 TiE and its servants or agents accept no responsibility in respect of any loss or damage to any property of the Client or any Guests.


9.3 A copy of TiE's public liability insurance policy is available upon request and the Client and all Guests shall observe its terms and conditions at all times. The Client and every Guest may increase the limit of their insurance cover at their own cost and by prior arrangement with TiE.


  1. Your Responsibilities and Liability


10.1 Guests must be in a fit state to participate in our events; if we feel they are not and the safety of the TiE team or other Guests are likely to be threatened, they will not be permitted to attend, and no refund will be given. No physical strength is needed in our events.


10.2 Any health and safety instructions given by the presenters to the Guests must be followed for their own safety and the safety of others, we reserve the right to remove any Guest that does not follow these instructions.


10.3 The enjoyment of our Guests is our top priority; however, the Client and their Guests are responsible for their own behaviour, we will not accept abusive words, behaviour or threats to the TiE staff members or other Guests. We will stop the experience and they will be asked to leave without a refund.


10.4 TiE is not responsible for any accidents that could occur due to irresponsible and inappropriate behaviour from Guests or for accidents that could occur because Guests did not follow the health and safety instructions or for Guests that have broken any equipment that subsequently resulted in an injury.


  1. TiE's Authority


11.1 The Client and every Guest shall abide by and comply with any request or order made by or on behalf of TiE on the grounds of safety, whether it be the safety of the Client, the Guest or some other person.


11.2 The Client and every Guest agrees that the opinion of TiE or its servants or agents is final in regards to any matters appertaining to safety, and the Client and every Guest agrees to abide by any such opinion howsoever expressed. If in the opinion of TiE, its servants or agents, the Client or any Guest is or may be behaving dangerously or is acting in a manner which would or may in the opinion of TiE its servants or agents lead to a disruption of the Services, the Client or any Guest shall at the request or order of TiE, its servants or agents, leave the event for the rest of the Services contracted for without TiE, its servants or agents having any liability to refund any part of the price paid for the provision of the Services. For the avoidance of doubt, any excessive consumption of alcohol prior to or during the Services shall be treated as behaviour enabling TiE to require the Guest concerned to leave the event.


  1. Force Majeure


TiE shall bear no liability for loss, damage or delay howsoever arising caused in circumstances outside its control including (but not limited to) inclement weather, acts of God, war, strikes, civil commotion, work to rule or go slow, overtime bans, lock outs, fire, flood, drought or inability to procure materials or articles except at increased prices due to any of the foregoing causes (and in these circumstances may suspend or cancel the whole or part of the Services). TiE shall endeavour to notify the Client as quickly as reasonably possible if a force majeure occurs. While TiE is not able to refund any monies paid by the Client, where Services have been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, it will endeavour at its option either to arrange alternative services at the requisite time or re-arrange the provision of the Services at an alternative time.


  1. Law of Contract


The construction, validity and performance of any contract shall be governed in all respects by the laws of England.


  1. Photos and Social Media


14.1 The client will be asked once they have booked if TiE can have photo permission to take photographs of their Guest. If permitted, TiE will upload these photos onto Facebook for Clients to view their Guest participating in the event. Please Note: You will be given a code to view these photos and only you and other Clients booked onto the same event will be able to view these photos. TiE cannot guarantee that every Guest will be included within the photos. We do use some of these photos for marketing purposes; names will not be included with the photos.


14.2 Clients and Guests are welcome to write a comment on social media. TiE does reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comments without explaining why they were deleted or refused.


  1. Contacting Us


If you have any questions regarding anything within these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us using events@thinkersineducation.co.uk