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Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test?  Then get ready for exciting and realistic scenarios that deliver a genuine challenge and lots of fun. Our unique public events are designed to bring people with similar interests closer together by playing through extraordinary experiences.

Give your child(ren) the chance to take part in the same workshops delivered for some of the most prestigious independent schools and top performing state schools in the country over the last 20 years.  Plus, if you are a fan of true crime documentaries or mystery thrillers yourself, and want to put your skills to the test, you can take part in our events for adults (which are just as competitive and just as much fun).

Join us for exciting in-person and hands-on workshops where everyone will be trained to carry-out different practical forensic science activities in every case and work in teams to solve thrilling mysteries over each of the two and a half hour sessions.

Unleash the inner detective and decipher clues, analyse evidence, and crack the case before time runs out.

"It was very fun! The detail involved is super interesting and the competitive aspect made it much more tense (I think that's a good thing). I like that each player has a role and can take part to lead the group. Everyone participated throughout the entire event. The price is good too, considering the time spent throughout. The themes are exciting and varied. I've been to two events. Thank you! "

R Lee, Aged 15, Watford

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Perfect for mystery enthusiasts, escape room fans, and anyone who loves a good challenge.

Age specific experiences are available for those 10 years of age or older.

Our events for school-age participants give them a glimpse of possible study options and future career choices while building skills and knowledge that will help them to excel in their learning.  These are the same events hosted by some of the top schools in England and now available to the public.

Specific and carefully adapted versions are available

for ages 10-12 / 12-15 / 15-18 / 18+


"One of the best workshops I have ever seen. Matt [the Lead Presenter] was so captivating that the Year 8 students hung on every word. The excitement, fun and tension was impeccable."

B Bower, Director of Drama, St Paul's School, London




Every participant should be prepared for suspense, teamwork and fun in enthralling forensic science and give-it-a-go detective competitions that are also incredibly effective team building events.

Events for adults focus on the techniques, problem solving and communication skills required to solve the case under pressure, while giving participants hands-on experience to process evidence. Whether you have a ready assembled team or want to join a new crew upon arrival - the game is afoot.

Pit your problem solving skills against other teams in a head-to-head battle. 

Think Masterclass meets Escape Room meets Quiz Night.

Let the competitions begin!


Challenge your creative and critical thinking skills and learn about your unique strengths.
People learn most effectively when its a bit of a struggle.  Discover your hidden talents.
Manage tight deadlines and high pressure in a competitive environment designed to be exhilarating!
Understanding how to listen and express your ideas is vital for your team to solve the case in time.
Work alone, in pairs and as part of a team to beat the game and build great friendships
Everyone will have a chance to lead an activity during the day if they want to. Are you a natural leader?

Why Us?

For more than 20 years everything has been created and delivered in-house by our specialist team.  Original concept, meticulous development and event delivery.

Every workshop experience is delivered by a professional instructor and communicator.

We do not use external providers. So you can rely on the highest quality and relax in the knowledge you are dealing with an expert team – dedicated to providing effective learning activities.

All of our staff have enhanced DBS checks & safeguarding training.

Our weekend & holiday workshops have been recommended by over 98% of participants since 2001.

"A fantastic, interactive, skill based combined with knowledge learning opportunity. The range of techniques covered, practiced and applied to a criminal investigation were engaging and enjoyed by all"

A Birnie, Aged 18+, Portsmouth

Who delivers the events?

A Lead Presenter (a highly experienced teacher) and a Specialist Classroom Assistant both with at least 10 years experience of delivering our workshops in schools. All staff have enhanced DBS checks, reviewed weekly, and all have safeguarding training. One staff member is an Emergency First Aider.

What time is Arrival & Drop-Off/Departure?

Morning events usually start at 10:00 and end at 12:30.
Arrival/Drop-off is 9:45 - 9:55 & Departure/Pick-Up is 12:35 - 12:45.

Afternoon events usually start at 14:00 and end at 16:30.
Arrival/Drop-off is 13:45 - 13:55 & Departure/Pick-Up is 16:35 - 16:45.

There is plenty of space to make a drop-off and pick-up in the car park.  Or if parking for the session you can often park for free (this will be confirmed upon booking). One of our presentation staff will be waiting in the venue to greet you to help you get ready for the experience.

You must arrive at least five minutes before the workshop starts to guarantee participation.  

What happens if we are late arriving?

Our presentation team will do their best to fit you into a team - but this is a live event and teams are formed at the very start , the rules explained and the scenario set. Lateness will detract from your experience and distract others. You may be refused entry and no refund will be given.

Are spectators allowed?

The venue size has been carefully selected to provide the best possible environment for the workshop. Spectators are not allowed due to space available and the distraction often caused. We suggest parents/guardians 'take a break' after drop-off. There are coffee shops within range of the venue. 

Are photographs available?

You can give permission for the presentation team to take photos during the workshop. If taken, these will be shared on a private group on Facebook for which you will be sent a password. Personal mobile phones and recording devices cannot be used during the workshop.

Are events suitable for the different age ranges?

These events are based on those that have been hosted by hundreds of schools since 2001 and recommended by them all. The scenarios and complexity is adapted to be age appropriate but provide a 'realistic' but challenging and exciting learning experience. There is no gore or violence in any workshop for ages 10-12 but there is a tense atmosphere, mood inducing music and deadlines to meet in a dramatic and competitive event. If your child is sensitive to this theme we suggest The Heist as the 'safest' starting event.

Are drinks & snacks provided?

No. With so many different allergies, we do not provide snacks. Participants can bring their own and these can be consumed before or after the workshop or during break - but no food or drink is allowed on the teaching tables. We ask that no nut or peanut containing foods are brought to the event.

What clothing is best to wear?

We recommend casual and comfortable clothing and footwear. The activities will be delivered indoors but a coat may be necessary for arrival and pick-up (as usual in Britain). CSI The Heist requires participants to put on a crime scene suit (which they can keep or throw away). It is important to make sure skirts or dresses are not worn for CSI The Heist.

Can we cancel a booking?

Cancellations made more than 14 days before the event date will be refunded minus the processing fee charged by TicketSource. No refunds will be given for tickets cancelled less than 14 days before the event date but we can offer you a free reschedule to another date within a 12 month period. Cancellations made with 72 hours or less to go before the booked workshop will be charged an additional £10 fee to reschedule to a later date. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.

Where & When?

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