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By the side of a quiet road, on the edge of a forest, a gruesome discovery has shocked both locals and law enforcement alike. A mysterious box, hidden within a long-forgotten car, has surfaced, revealing its grim contents: a damaged skull and eight human bones - with a cryptic code etched into the bones themselves.

As part of the investigative team called upon to solve the case, your challenge is to identify the body in the box and the sinister secrets it holds.

You will be trained to identify and measure the bones, helping you to determine the stature and biological gender of the individual to whom they once belonged. Then compare skull types and find key features that reveal the ancestral origins of the deceased and the probable cause of death.

Finally, can you harvest enough DNA and analyse the results to confirm the identity of the victim by matching it to suspected family members of the missing person before reporting the findings of your investigation in an exciting head-to-head competition.

Take part in a thrilling challenge and join forensic and detective teams to investigate a case that combines anthropology, genetics and criminology, showcasing the fascinating intersection of science and detective work.

Can you solve it?


• Versions Available: Age 10-12 / Age 12-15 / Age 15-18 / Age 18+

• Difficulty Level: Moderate (3/5) - 70% - 83% solve rate

• No. Participants: 15-30 / Session

• Activity Duration: 2.5 Hours

• Arrival & Departure: 15 minutes before & after workshop

• Parking: Available Onsite

• Recommended Clothing: Casual & Comfortable

• Cost: £30 per ticket (£20 Early Bird Booking)


Delivered as an exciting competition between teams.

• Watching Crime Scene Video

• Reading Missing Persons Database

• Determining Skull Features & Ancestral Origin

• Bone Identification & Height Estimation

• Processing DNA Extraction

• Competing in Expert Witness Courtroom Quiz

"This event was different than I've experienced before and made me think outside of the the box. It was like a new window of new things. I would recommend the event to others who enjoy mystery"

J Hone, Age 14, Uxbridge


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Ages 10-12

Sat 20th Jul

Ages 10-12

Mon 22nd Jul

Ages 10-12

Thu 1st Aug

Ages 10-12

Sat 3rd Aug

Ages 12-15

Sun 21st Jul

Ages 12-15

Thu 1st Aug

Ages 12-15

Sat 3rd Aug

Ages 15-18

Sun 21st Jul

Ages 15-18

Wed 7th Aug

Ages 18+

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