How do you compare school activity days and costs?

These are dilemmas many schools face when looking to organise a school event, whether it be for British Science Week, Summer School or another enrichment day in the year.  What on Earth do you measure it against?  Finding the best workshop providers for your school can feel like separating the wheat from the chaff by […]

Water on Mars Anyone?

Using the ramifications of liquid water on Mars as a way of stimulating school-wide interest in STEM subjects With the rare occurrence of a Blood Moon, the evidence of flowing water on Mars and the release of the ‘The Martian’ in cinemas (Matt Damon employing his best problem solving face on Mars) – all in the […]

Recommended DNA Electrophoresis Tanks for Schools

Buying the best DNA Electrophoresis Tanks for Schools in the UK We have been asked many times, whilst delivering events, which equipment we use and why. Recently, we have been contacted numerous times by teachers facing the introduction of DNA Electrophoresis into their teaching of new Scottish Highers in particular. As far as I know, there exists […]

What does the free Student Membership offer?

Quite simply, parents and year 8+ students commonly ask, following our event days (summer school events in particular), what activities they can do at home that are similar in nature to those carried out during our events. The membership scheme is a way to provide those activities. All participants of an event are given a […]

Improving the quality of teaching and learning in the school

Of course there are many different ways of improving teaching and learning, and everyone has their favourites…. One approach, that could be considered a frontrunner as the most cost effective, is the investment made in hosting highly focussed activity days. These combine the thrill of a school trip for students and as much, if not […]

Why Teacher Observation Is So Invaluable

Our approach demonstrates how to identify, develop and assess students’ understanding and skill sets – effectively and efficiently. Every event introduces time-effective, exciting and emotive learning techniques that can be applied to individual lessons and planning for whole-school strategies.  Observers of our events will see how to: Maximise student engagement by teaching within exciting scenarios that require pupils to synthesize […]

Fuel Cells

From REDOX Reactions to Fuel Cells   Perhaps, STEM G&T events offering excitement and real-life experiences can help to nurture our future scientists and pioneering thinkers. For example, our Target:Mars 3+ day events for Key Stages 3 & 4 require pupils to explore Redox reactions. Pupils use microchemistry, turning a typical teacher demonstration into an […]

Gifted & Talented Event Design

Exploring Our Event Logic   Aspire More Able – Thinkers in Education design activities to develop ability, task commitment and creativity – the Joseph Renzulli model for Giftedness (1978,1986). We have found it to be particularly successful when activities are introduced as ‘real-life’ problems for teams to solve within the scenario. During an event, activities allow teams […]

G&T STEM Provision

Adventurous Thinking for the Able, Gifted & Talented ‘New knowledge should not be presented in isolation as facts to be remembered, but given context and a conceptual framework…‘more able’ means less didactic teaching is required’ Introduction Making provision for the able, gifted and talented is sometimes considered the elitist approach. We consider it a time-effective […]