Dead on Time - The CSI Thriller for Critical Thinkers

If you want to know how good a detective you would make, love solving problems or enjoy live-escape-rooms - this activity is definitely for you!

This is an extraordinary, exciting and ultra-realistic CSI experience, combining the best forensic equipment and the latest techniques with a truly thrilling storyline.  It is a huge amount of fun and a real challenge.  You will need to use cutting-edge science techniques and think like a detective if you are to solve the mysterious death.

It is a competitive teambuilding game that will allow you to make new friends or work with people you already know.  You will need to apply your best problem solving skills, just like a detective, to uncover twists, turns and shock revelations in a dramatic game-like mystery.

You will learn techniques from the beginnings of forensic science right through to latest DNA fingerprinting practices in order to reach a conclusion that fits the evidence.  Can you find the suspects and uncover their secrets? Can you solve it?

"This was an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad I was able to take part. It was so exciting."

Teereth Bahra, Yr 10, Slough Grammar School

DT EVENT DNA Fingerprints


Type of Event: Spectacular Saturday or 1-5 Day STEM Holiday School

Recommended Age Range: Yr6 - Yr13

Content: Science, English, Mathematics & Critical Thinking

Number of participants: 20-30

Duration: 4.5 Hours (starting 9:15 and ending 15:15)

Break Times:  15 minute mid-morning break and a 45 minute lunch time.

Lunches:  Participants should bring their own pack lunch and drink.

Registration:  Arrive from 9:00 - ready for a prompt start at 9:15

Booking:  You need to book a place at least 2 weeks in advance

"Great course. Thoroughly enjoyable. My daughter had enormous fun and learnt a lot too. Really high quality which matched that of the ‘Target: Mars’ course"

Julian Knott (Father)

DT EVENT Printing

Typical 1-Day Content:

Delivered in addition to ice-breakers & team-building activities

Crime Scene Photo Analysis

Fingerprinting Professionals

DNA Fingerprinting

Toxicology Testing

Investigations & Interrogations

DT EVENT Fabrics

Additional Activities Delivered in Summer Schools & Extended Events:

Visiting & Processing The Crime Scene • Blood Spatter Investigation • Blood Typing • Karyotyping • DNA Extraction & Analysis • Forensic Anthropology • Human & Animal Hair Analysis • Fibre Analysis • Micro Titration Investigation • Micro Distillation • Soil Analysis • Photo-Fit Identification • Statement Analysis • News Broadcasts • The Reconstruction

Please Note: Events will include a selection of the above, appropriate to the particular audience.

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