"Outstanding. TiE adapted their workshops to meet our school's Covid restrictions. The workshops were as engaging as ever. After a year of disruption it has been fantastic to be able to run such stimulating events. Everything was so well organised and delivered fantastically."

J Macaree, Progress Lead, Magna Carta School


Covid-Secure Workshops For Schools

More Equipment. More Cleaning. More Individualised Learning … Same Cost.

Thinkers in Education (TiE) are delighted to still be able to offer your students exciting practical science, technology and engineering activities through our range of Covid-Secure Workshops for schools and colleges.

This is only possible because we can provide enough equipment to allow pupils to work individually if required, will allow the time to thoroughly steralise equipment between workshops and have taken additional safety precautions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 above and beyond those detailed in the government guidance.

Most importantly, we will thoroughly discuss the safety measures and grouping strategies within your specific school before you host a workshop. It allows us to adapt our strategies to best meet your requirements and minimises the risks of spreading coronavirus.

We aim to give you the greatest confidence that hosting our Covid-Secure Workshops for term-time, weekend or holiday STEM events will be easy, effective and safe. All of the workshops displayed here have been redesigned for the current situation and will help with catch-up learning, advancement and motivation.

All members of our presentation teams have been fully vaccinated, have received booster jabs and continue to regularly test for Covid-19 using Lateral Flow Tests.

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Host on school-days, at weekends or in the holidays

How have workshops been adapted to be Covid-Secure?

Thinkers in Education design, resource and deliver our own unique activities. This means we are able to adapt workshops to safely continue as the coronavirus pandemic and safety recommendations evolve.

To be able to deliver workshops that are as safe for your school to host as possible, we reference guidance from the UK Government - but also review data from schools in Europe, Australia, Singapore and Canada. Furthermore, our lead presenters are engaged in regular conversations with teachers actively teaching in schools in the UK so we can accurately gauge the best way forward - based on the realities of teaching in the classroom during Covid-19.

As a result, we have carefully planned and changed our delivery strategies for each of the workshops we are confident can still be delivered during the pandemic. The workshops we offer during this time are based on the real science and best practices we have researched in order to keep your staff, your students and our presentation teams as safe as possible - whether you host them during the school-day, at weekends or in the holidays.

You can read through the additional precautions we have implemented to best achieve a Covid-Secure workshops for schools and colleges by clicking on the relevant links below. We hope these will help you to understand the logistics upon which our solutions to the ongoing situation have been based.